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12-Week Fitness Plan For Less Than $2.13 A Week

Just got this note from Jon Benson, so thought I'd pass it on as it does seem to offer something a bit special. I saw an earlier version of this 12-week fitness plan and was tempted, but decided to stick with Benson's 7 minute plan and use it as an alternative during the recommended 'break'. Since then, Benson has been in France working with Rinaldi to develop 1RepFitness. If it's your thing, this should be good.

I'm cheating a bit by sending this to you.  But my friend Fabrice let me get by with it after a little bit of pleading.  The reason:  You NEED this.  

I knew I had to share it with you.  If you want to get more... A LOT more... out of your workouts   I'm talking total body makeover in just 12 short weeks  ... and get it at LESS than half price...  

Listen up.  I've been around fitness for years. I get tons of letters from folks just like you.  You want to know what the number one concern is? --       

"How can I stay on-track?"  

You know the feeling.  A new study showed that over 82% of folks who workout will DECREASE their fitness level in 2009.   They are literally going backward...  You get rolling on a fitness program and then something distracts you.  You're right back where you started after just a few weeks... perhaps a month...  ... and you deserve better than that.  

Here's my solution for you...  ... it's a totally unique book and 12-week hand-holding fitness course designed to make SURE you get into your best shape...  ... and walk into the New Year with the best body of your life.  

This System comes to you by WEEKLY EMAILS -- each workout, once a week, for 12 weeks.  

The nutrition plan?  Down to a science. They give you an online database that takes less than 2 seconds to use...  ...TONS of variety... and you will never, ever have to guess at how much to eat.  

12 weeks of this kind of motivation and pre-planned success strategies.  

There's more...  My friend is giving you over 100 exercise videos...over 700 dollars in freee bonuses...   and he's going to let my readers have it at LESS than HALF PRICE.  

The new book?       

1 Rep Fitness: 12 Weeks To Your New Body!  

WAIT ---  Do NOT go to the website yet.  The website IS in fact ""... but that is the FULL-PRICE website.  I want to send you to the discount page.  This will ensure you get the same exact 12-week System, all the bonuses, and more for LESS than HALF PRICE.  

If you think this is some kind of cheesy promo think again.  Visit the homepage first to see the real price if you want.  Then YOU MUST go here --  <-- discount. 
Same thing... only LESS than HALF OFF.  ------- >  

But there is a catch.  They have a timer on the discount page.  That's right -- a REAL TIMER.  It's counting down.  It will stop at 0:00:00.  At that point, the sale is over... and right now you have until SUNDAY to pick up this new System and get started with...   weekly custom workouts  emailed to you every week... the 12-week 3-Phase Nutrition Plan...   and 700 bucks in bonuses... and more...  but the timer is ticking down.  

Go see the timer and the deal I have been allowed to offer YOU...   <-- timer.  

This is not my book. But I highly recommend it. The System works perfect with my own program... and there's three levels:   beginner, intermediate and advanced.  

So... get started.  You'll enter the New Year with a new body.