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Beauty Fitness JOLT!, Issue #004 -- life fitness, natural skin care beauty, and you
April 28, 2006

March Jolt

- Your Beauty Fitness JOLT! is here! I hope you enjoy it!
"Look Good ... Feel Fantastic!"

Hi there!

A variety of articles added to Beauty-Fitness-Lifestyles this month. One of them could hold just the answers you've been looking for...

Natural Skin Care Beauty From Home

Natural skin care beauty and clear skin start at home. Unless you want your skin to end up looking like an old potato, it is essential to make skin clear on top of your priority list, and take care of it. Here's how you can start at home ...

Marathon Training

Marathon training - whether you're training for a marathon in New York, Chicago, Ottawa or the Sahara - is a buzz that few forget. But it's not the endless miles or the hours in the gym that stick in the memory. It's the mental grind. The place where fitness does not matter. The place where the mind takes control.

Swiss Ball Exercise Sensation

If Swiss ball exercises could save you money, multiply the benefit of every minute you spent exercising, and put a fresh zing into your workouts ... how interested would you be in learning more? Silly question, isn't it? And yet when you mention 'swiss ball' to most people, they raise their eyebrows and look at you kind of funny. But ...

Healthy Weight Loss

When it comes to healthy weight loss, we - particularly older women - have a horrendous choice to make. Will we favor our butt - or our face? No healthy diet or attempts to keep our skin healthy will help. In the end it will have to be - your butt, or your face?

Life Fitness

Life fitness may be the ultimate investment opportunity. Think of it this way. If you are willing to make the commitment (investment) in your own health and fitness, you will feel and look healthier, have an abundance of energy, be more self-confident, more productive and discover a more joyous and fulfilling life.


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April 29, 2006
Written by Jenny Drake
(c) copyright 2006 Beauty Fitness
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