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Beauty Fitness JOLT!, Issue #0123-- Amazing treadmill routine videos
February 28, 2007

October Jolt

- Your Beauty Fitness JOLT! is here! I hope you enjoy it!
"Look Good ... Feel Fantastic!"

Hi there!

A little special for you this month... in the form of some videos! And several of the usual articles as well, of course.

I hope they inspire you to continue - or to start! - improving that beauty you possess, from the inside out! Here they are:

Best Treadmill Ratings

Best treadmill ratings come from users... exercise junkies who delight in reviewing any treadmill they've used or abused. But what happens when they've used unconventional treadmill exercises, put them to song, and turned a mere exercise equipment treadmill into a stage prop? Your treadmill workouts will never be the same again! Click the arrow in the middle of this video, and watch...

Fat Loss

The ideal fat loss program might surprise a lot of people...

Health And Fitness Clubs Gyms Gear

All health and fitness clubs gyms require some minimum standard of workout gear... and there is a surprisingly uniform view on what that entails!

Valentine's Day Gift: Why Not Work From Home!

One of the most common problems with beauty and fitness programs is fitting them into your busy lifestyle. I mean... schedules rule! Don't they! And when something like Valentine's Day comes around, well... forget it!

Or should you?

Why not take advantage of this special offer... and give yourself or someone you love the gift of a year-round passive income?

If your daily schedule means you're that pushed, is it possible that your life might be a little out of balance? That something needs to change? One thing Beauty Fitness Lifestyles has given me is a regular income... without me having to bust a gut or abide by someone else's schedule. And believe me, I'm no technical programming whiz!

If I can march to my own drum, then so can you. I now exercise when the mood takes me - which is at least daily. Sometimes it's early, other times it's while the general population is fuming in their drive-home traffic... or it's just because I feel like I'd like to go for a run.

The key to this freedom is the platform this web site is built on. It's called Site Build It! And it's designed for people who have neither the knowledge nor the inclination to become a nerd. If you can send an email, you can build a profitable web site... if you use the tools and training provided by SBI!

Have a look at this little video from another SBI! owner and you'll see what I mean... And there's plenty more where that came from. SBI owners do get a trifle enthusiastic!

For a more detailed look at how you could easily set up your own Internet business, check out this video.


Time for your own personal trainer?


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That's it for now. We'll talk again soon.


Feb 28, 2007
Written by Jenny Drake
(c) copyright 2007 Beauty Fitness
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