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Beauty Fitness JOLT!, Issue #007 -- food nutrition, change your life
July 28, 2006

March Jolt

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A variety of articles added to Beauty-Fitness-Lifestyles this month. One of them could hold just the answers you've been looking for...

Food Nutrition Facts No Fantasy
Food nutrition
facts might seem to rate alongside reading telephone directories for enjoyment ... but they can be a whole lot healthier! At some point we become aware that we don't eat the perfect diet all the time and most of us have our struggles with food. But if beauty and fitness are also a part of who we are, knowing a little bit about our health and food nutrition can save us many an anxious or annoying incident.

Is A Cattle Prod The Way To Change Your Life?
So you'd like to change your life forever? But don't know how a cattle prod could help? Or even what a cattle prod is? Rest assured, it's not the usual treatment prescribed for human transformations...


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Jul 29, 2006
Written by Jenny Drake
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