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Beauty Fitness JOLT!, Issue #016 -- The best diet, alli, and a mystic tan
June 30, 2007

October Jolt

- Your Beauty Fitness JOLT! is here! I hope you enjoy it!
"Look Good ... Feel Fantastic!"

Hi there!

Appearances are all the rage this month, fuelled by the warmer weather. But if you need some motivation, we have some advice on that, too.

Best Diet Plan May Not Be About Food

The best diet plan may not be about food... or even about appetite and weight loss programs.

Alli... Weight Loss Pill Hits The Fan

Alli, the first over the counter weight loss pill has shocked users...

Professional Motivation Coach

A professional motivation coach provides exercising tips at home that break the cycle of procrastination and despair.

Mystic Tan

Does your perfect mystic tan come from a special tanning bed, or does the key lie in the tanning lotion you apply?


Time for your own personal trainer?


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Jun 30, 2007
Written by Jenny Drake
(c) copyright 2007 Beauty Fitness
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