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Beauty Fitness JOLT!, Issue #001 -- How To Get The Best From Hairstyle Software
March 24, 2006

March Jolt

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Is Cosmetic Surgery Right For You?

Cosmetic surgery changes lives. No doubt about it. Yet even in a world where modern plastic surgery enables men and women to make changes and feel better about themselves, there are doubters. Why is that?

Whey Protein - How to Build Muscle & Lose Fat

Whey protein - the secret behind how to build muscle lose fat and feel great! If you are at all interested in taking care of your body before and after strenuous exercise yet dead set against supplements that contain additives and possible side effects, listen up.

How To Lose Fat

Summer... and it's fat attack time. Low fat recipes rule. How to lose fat becomes a priority. People begin to obsess about getting rid of fat, particularly stomach fat. It's simply that time when everyone wants to look impressive in their "lack" of clothing. While I can't promise that you'll achieve a model fitness body, I can give you some simple but important clues on how to lose fat and get that body fat monitor scale down

Second Abs: Exercises to Firm the Abs

The second abs come into discussions, heart rates climb. People get agitated. They get animated. They get emotional. Why do the abs command such drama?

Wellness: The Truth About Your Health

Have you ever stopped to think about how to determine your current health and wellness levels? Does your doctor ask you each time you visit if you believe yourself to be fit and well?


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February 27, 2006
Written by Jenny Drake
(c) copyright 2005 Beauty Fitness
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