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Beauty Fitness JOLT!, Issue #009 -- Lifetime fitness, laser hair removal, and image spas
October 29, 2006

October Jolt

- Your Beauty Fitness JOLT! is here! I hope you enjoy it!
"Look Good ... Feel Fantastic!"

Hi there!

We've been revamping quite a bit of the site this month, so here's a variety of topics to inspire you ...

Lifetime Fitness - Why One Woman's Problem Could be Your Salvation

Lifetime fitness, ideal weight and all around good health start with what you eat. But there's a problem ...

Laser Hair Removal a Buzz!

Later hair removal, or laser hair removal is a hair raising experience for men and women!

Jewelry Spa Body Jewelry Ins & Outs

Jewelry spa body piercing - here's what you'all really need to know!

Do Image Spas Target the Unachievable?

Image spas offer guidance and hope and skilled assistance ... but who is pulling the strings?

Structure and the Human Hair Cell

Human hair cell and the link to the ancient tombs of Egypt .

"How To Gain Weight"

How to gain weight is the subject of too few studies. These weight gain tips will set you in the right direction.


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Oct 30, 2006
Written by Jenny Drake
(c) copyright 2006 Beauty Fitness
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