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Beauty Fitness Barbers
A Special Breed

Beauty fitness barbers combine the best of men's and women's hairdressers, targeted straight at the man or woman who wants to look and feel top notch.

Traditionally, barbers have become categorised as 'short back and sides men's hairdressers', while women's hair stylists have specialized in pampering women and adding more of the beauty treatments often associated with beauty salons.

That's not necessarily the case any more, as beauty fitness barbers have become a niche unto themselves.

They're still found more by word of mouth than advetising, but theirs is a smart marketing strategy.

What they generally offer is an in-depth knowledge of hair and scalp problems, an eye for style, and a focus on the individual.

That focus is often what differentiates them.

These specialist barbers tend to treat you as a person, not a number.

They're usually stylists, too, rather than conveyor belts.

Styling includes brushing, gelling, blow-drying and cutting hair.

A style can be anything from shaving your head or a short back and sides to using very complicated colouring, perming and cutting techniques.

Do such people charge more?

Yes, they can. But not always. A 'top stylist' might own the salon but who is actually doing the work?

Even in top name barbershops you often get an apprentice/improver with only a few years experience actually cutting your hair. Your local barber is more likely to have the experience you're looking for.

And can often be turned into a beauty fitness barber just by your taking the time to ask for something special. beauty fitness barbers