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Beauty Fitness Cosmetic Industry Edges

The beauty fitness cosmetic industry - gigantic, science-driven, profit-focused ... and very useful!

We may grumble and point fingers - manicured, elegant fingers - at the huge margins, 'wasteful' packaging and 'ridiculous' advertising budgets of cosmetic icons ... but in the end, most of us buy.

Why? Because we looove the effects the industry's product give us. Simple as that.

After all, why spend hours lying outside, exposed to predominantly harmful UV rays, when you can attain a gorgeous tan in a matter of minutes with a premium sunless tanning lotion?

You can even adjust the degree of your tan according to how frequently you apply the formula, it lasts up to 7 days without re-application, and fades gradually just like a real tan would.

There are alternatives, but by and large, most people lack the time and the incentive to research, test and produce their own beauty fitness cosmetic gems.

So back to the big teams.

To some extent, the large multi-nationals dictate fashion, and yet it is becoming increasingly obvious that the biggest actually get their inspirations from the smaller, niche, individual companies. Those that are closer to the cosmetic core of humanity.

In 2004, for instance, it became known that many folk actually had more than one persona - at times they wanted to be 'straight' and at other times they wanted to be 'outrageous'.

It was the little guys and gals who showed that to the biggies. And they all started producing relevant cosmetics.

And so, another group of us finicky beauty fitness freaks were satisfied.

Just like we were some years ago when fitness became such a hot item, and we wanted makeup that lasted the distance.

Benefits? There are a few. Let's have more! beauty fitness cosmetic