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Beauty Fitness Health Club Gyms - Which Fits You?

Beauty fitness health club gyms - those that cater for your specific interests - are not as easy to find as you might think. In fact, the huge disappointments - not to mention out of pocket costs - have driven many to seek alternatives.

Personal trainers obviously top the list, and el-cheapo fitness videos can also get a lot of people in. The truth is - they both work. But what is often missing is the magic combination that you are looking for. And often, that simply comes down to empathy.

That's one of the reasons people like Jon Benson are changing lives. They've realised that fundamental truth.

By picking the brains of former fatties who transformed into exercise and motivational heroes, Jon modeled the crucial parts of the health and exercise formula, designed a transformational course around it, and made it cheaply available on DVD. Complete with personal trainer-like handholding.

To my mind, it's the best of both worlds. Personal attention, a proven transformational path, economy... and empathy.

But if you're still interested in beauty fitness health club gyms, here are some points to check.

(ARA) - In many parts of the country, the onset of fall and winter weather means a lot less time spent outdoors running, biking or swimming.

If you're looking to stay active, consider joining a beauty fitness health club gyms.

It can be a great way to vary your routine, add some new twists to your workout and even consult a personal trainer to take your fitness commitment to the next level.

Most important, it allows you to ensure that fitness remains a part of your daily life.

However, with all the gyms, health clubs and fitness centers out there, how can you choose the one that best fits your needs?

The experts at Life Time Fitness have offered some considerations to keep in mind before you make this important decision.

Beauty Fitness Health Club Gyms Considerations

In order to make maximum use of the facilities at your fitness center, it must fit into your lifestyle -- the location should be convenient and the hours should mesh with your schedule.

Choosing a gym that is close to either your home or your office typically is a good choice, since you won't have to go out of your way to work out. That also means fewer excuses.

"The more convenient the fitness center is, the more likely you are to use it," says Mike Brown, senior vice president, operations, Life Time Fitness.

You'll also want to make sure the classes you're interested in are offered at times that fit your schedule. The same holds true of the hours of operation.

If you like to get your exercise in before work, does the facility open early enough for you to do that? At Life Time Fitness, your schedule is their schedule -- the facilities are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you plan to participate in classes at the fitness center, make sure the class lineup fits with your fitness level, needs and goals.

If you're especially interested in yoga, is there enough variety to keep you enthusiastic?

If you want a high intensity workout, does the center offer classes that will challenge you?

Are classes included in the price of membership, or is there an extra charge?

Also check to see if the beauty fitness health club gyms classes are offered at times that fit into your daily routine.

Now, Look a Little Closer. Is the facility well maintained?

Are the locker rooms clean and neat?

Is the equipment up-to-date and in good repair?

If you haven't been to a gym in a while, you may be pleasantly surprised that a completely new approach to health and fitness exists.

Life Time Fitness, for example, has brought together sports and professional fitness programming, family recreation opportunities, and café and spa facilities and services all under one roof.

With access to more than 400 pieces of cardio, resistance and free weight training equipment, multiple fitness studios and sport courts, large child care centers, large indoor and outdoor aquatic centers, nutritional products and services, and a full-service spa, Life Time Fitness offers its guests a complete health and fitness resort -- not your typical health club.

"By making exercise and recreation experiences more entertaining, we find that it's easier for people to make fitness an integral part of their everyday lives," says Brown.

"At the same time, by delivering a large, beautiful and functional center, along with a comprehensive set of services and amenities, we deliver a complete health and fitness experience, not just a health club.

"The result is that people want to be here, as opposed to feeling like they have to be here."

Check out the Beauty Fitness Health Club Gyms Staff

You also should be sure to check out the staff.

They should be friendly and inviting each and every time you visit and make your experience pleasant and enjoyable.

And, ensure that the class instructors and personal trainers are certified by recognized fitness organizations.

In addition to your own observations, it's a good idea to talk to people who are already members of the facility you're considering.

Perhaps a friend, family member or co-worker is already a member -- get their input. Does the reality of their day-to-day experience mesh with the glossy brochures you picked up during your visit?

Know What You're Committing To

When you are ready to sign on the dotted line, make sure you know what you're committing to.

Aside from the expected enrollment fee and monthly dues, factor in any additional costs required.

  • Do you have to pay for childcare each time you visit?
  • Do you need to rent a locker, or pay for towels?
  • How long is the duration of your contract?
  • Can you cancel at any time?

Life Time Fitness offers dozens of extras. Towels are complimentary as are lockers.

Even the supervised childcare and group exercise classes are provided free of charge, as are educational seminars on various health, fitness and wellness topics.

Memberships also are designed with member convenience in mind. The company offers a month-to-month membership program with no long-term contracts.

By doing some homework before you join beauty fitness health club gyms, you'll be sure that you are receiving the best deal and that the center will match your fitness needs and goals.

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Some good insider tips on what to look for when you're choosing your next beauty fitness health club gyms.

If actually attending a beauty fitness health club gym is out of the question for you, though, one alternative is to engage the services of a competent personal fitness trainer.

And that needn't cost the earth. Beauty and fitness can be achieved by picking the brains of these former fatties who transformed into exercise and motivational heroes in only 30 days... by following 7 simple steps.