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Beauty Fitness Spa 101

The beauty fitness spa! Oh, it's a whole new world this pampering gig. How do you handle it? Beauty fitness spa protocol 101 is so simple you may not believe it. Just lay back and enjoy it!

And afterwards, lay back and enjoy that too!

A spa is pampering at its best. The protocol is simply to entrust your body to the trained hands of the professionals, to switch off and luxuriate in the sumptuous abandon of sensual bliss.

Let your body soak in soothing luxury, relieving stress and strain, relaxing, renewing, and replenishing.

Hurrying off anywhere afterwards would be sacrilege. Your soul needs – may even demand – extra time to slowly and deliciously absorb and rejuvenate and renew you for the stresses that your other life imposes.

New to Such Pampering?

If you’re new to this whole beauty fitness spa scene, here’s a quick glimpse of some of the treats available. Not all exist at every spa, of course, but this taste of what could be might serve to titillate your fancy and push you – ever so gently, of course - towards transforming your desires into experience.

An upmarket facility might, for instance, might provide services such as these:

  • Cleansing treatments (like colonics), aromatherapy-infused hot-towel massage, platza (massage and exfoliation with a broom made from oak leaves), and Japanese ritual baths beside a three-story waterfall and river-rock sauna;
  • Hot-stone massage, facials, body scrubs, and parafango, hydrotherapy and prenatal massage;
  • Clay heat therapy for the body and electromagnetic makeovers, which use low-voltage currents to help reduce muscle contractions;
  • Outdoor treatments on a roof garden in summer, a heated pool for “watsu” (shiatsu done in water), Romanian mud baths, a separate men’s environment with four specific treatments, champagne service.
And if none of those luxuries appeals, perhaps gazing at a giant koi-filled aquarium may be enough to drain away your cares, or an Oriental bar treatment in which the therapist walks on your back to work out knots.

Aaah... your body is salivating already, isn’t it? You will make time for your very own beauty fitness spa treatment now. Won’t you?

Beauty Fitness Spa Checklist

Beauty fitness spas attract nearly 33 million people to some 17,000 health clubs in the US today, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association. Most of them enjoy the experience immensely, but according to the Federal Trade Commission, some don’t.

They recommend that you look closely at the spa's fees, contractual requirements and facilities before you join. Even a cursory inspection of facilities and contracts ahead of time can ensure that the rosy glow continues long after you’ve joined and enjoyed your first visit to a beauty fitness spa.

Brrrrr .... can still feel it tickling all the way down the back. Feel better? OK, let's go. Race ya ... next stop, the beauty fitness spa!

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