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Bion Tanning & CoffeeBerries

Bion tanning is a new way of getting an even glowing celebrity tan on your most prominent feature - your face. It is usually difficult to receive an even tan on your face because the bright rays of the lighting cause you to cover your eyes and that leaves a Masked Avenger look that is definitely not chic! But coffeeberries?

The Bion Facial Tanner is a portable device that you can plug in wherever there's a suitable powerpoint. Place the bulb close to your face for 15-30 minutes, and voila! Instant tan!

So while Bion tanning is taking off, traditional tanning may be a victim of the 2007 fashion wars, if Linda Wells, editor-in-chief of Allure magazine, is right.

She recently told AP that metallic eye-shadow will be added to fashionable wardrobes to counter-balance neutral clothing styles this Spring, but that tanning was definitely off the 'hot' list.

‘‘We are done with bronzer as a way to look tan. It can be a substitute for blusher in warm weather months — that’s OK — but we won’t be seeing the all-over bronze look. It looks fake, and it can even look dusty or dirty,’’ Wells said.

‘‘Maybe we’re accepting the fact that we don’t have to be tan. Everyone knows that tan is unhealthy; maybe our tastes are catching up to health.’’

Out Of The Tanning Jungle Comes...

Interestingly, she says that one of the most promising new skincare ranges this year will attack the same target - the damaging effects of over-exposure to sun.

Extract from a little-known jungle plant known as the coffeeberry - a fruit that grows alongside coffee beans - apparently protects from UVA and UVB rays, and it also provides significant hydration.

She says tests show that coffeeberry has high levels of polyphenols, a defense against cellular skin damage, and higher levels of antioxidants than pomegranate or white tea. The American Academy of Dermatologists launched the new face cream from Revale Skin in February.

So, how trim, taut and tanned do you intend to be in 2007? It seems that you have new choices that will make you a fashionista whichever path you choose... coffeeberries or bion tanning. Your call.