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Black Hair Styles And Black Hair Care Rule!

Black hair styles and black hair care are among the touchiest topics in beauty... Consider these recent quotes:

  • current annual upkeep for relaxed hair in Chicago salons can run to $1,300
  • not since Madame C. J. Walker emancipated black women from the view of themselves as unattractive by developing en masse hot combs and hair straighteners, has the debate over natural versus relaxed hair been stronger
  • As women and especially as women of color, we are always looking for that one thing, that one cure, that one solution to long, lustrous hair.
  • Representing 360 degrees of style, culture, beauty and change; behold the ninth wonder of the world: black women's hair.

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, scan the examples in these photos of celebrities showing off hot looks in black hair or pictures of short hair styles Or better still, upload your own photo and try out 4000 different hair styles on your own face!

Natural and relaxed black hair styles are all the rage. Wikipedia says black hair is the darkest and most common color of human hair, and that the vast majority of people of non-European descent have black hair. Interestingly, black or extremely dark brown is likely the original human hair color.

“Black hair comes in a variety of textures. Many people of African or Melanesian origin have afro-textured hair, while straight black hair is common in Asians and Native Americans. Ethiopians, though African, have wavy or straight hair. Curly or wavy hair is common among black-haired Caucasians, as is straight hair,” the entry says.

So whether you’re looking for weave or braid styles, updos or extensions, short or long black hair styles - or simply a better way to manage your hair care - there is an option that will suit your natural hair.

If it doesn’t, and you want to go completely different, you may need to consider products such as hot combs and hair straighteners, prenatal and hair vitamins, the drip of Jheri-Kurls or one of the next generation of relaxed hair products.

And if you want to experiment with just how each idea would work on you, it’s a lot of fun to try any of them on a photo of your own face! Black hair styles rule!