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Build Chest Muscles Fast

How to build chest muscles fast is one of the first priorities of many who decide to beef up their appearance.  And then because of the time it takes, they either give up, or neglect the rest of their bodies in the process. And you know what? There's no need!

Have a look at this info about how to Build Chest Muscles and you'll see what I mean.

Jon Benson put the cat among the pigeons when he emailed a friend and told him he was wasting his life.

"Look, just figure out how many hours you're spending in the gym and doing cardio every week. Multiply that number by 52. Then email me back."

Yeah, bit of a challenge. So he did the math. It freaked him out! It was a lot more time than he thought. He was spending literally YEARS of his life in the gym. Let's not even talk about cooking food and eating 6 meals every day. It feels like his workout routine was like a second job sometimes. Can you relate?

Then he talked to this blind guy called Mike and asked how much hot air this Benson guy blew. And Mike came back with this:

"The workouts were great! The time is short only 7 or 10 minutes depending on if I include optional exercises which I do. Right now I am stiff and hurting a bit. But  I can already feel my chest and back are filling in, my shoulders are just simply stronger and my legs are a little too stiff to really tell but they do feel more powerful!"

Yikes! Ten minutes? 

But then the events of the past two weeks unfolded. And I stopped in my tracks.

First the horrible storms. Then the great Tim Russert passed away so many years before his time. Then the California fires. Then George Carlin. Like him or hate him, he was an icon.

These events just reminded me of exactly how little time we have. They told me that we all need to do what it takes to get the most out of our days here on this beautiful blue marble called Earth.

It turns out that Jon Benson spent three years researching one simple question:  "How can you get the MOST results in the LEAST amount of time?"

Most people, myself included, are spending far more time than necessary to build chest muscles or muscle mass or tone, or burn fat and lose weight.

Even worse, Benson learned that all that time in the gym was actually keeping people from the body they wanted!

Of course, when you read Benson you realise there's more to the story than just "working out less." But it's not some gimmick that involves pills or gadgets either. Honestly, it's hard work.

But only 7 minutes of it.

7 minutes to build muscle. No joke.

After that 7 minutes my friend told me you feel like your muscles will explode from the pump. You get leaner, stronger, and you do it faster than any other workout he's ever seen. And his energy shot through the roof. 

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Jon Benson's new System (a book and six online videos) was created to help us add hours, even months to our lives.

If ever we needed a reminder of how important those hours, months and years are then look no further than the evening news.

You can start maximizing your days. You can get far more results in far less time using his System -- and he puts that in writing.

I know you have a lot of questions, so go visit his website today and learn how you can take back the hours, days, months and even years you are wasting in the gym trying to build your chest muscles fast.

Even if you don't visit the site today, please take a deep breath and thank the heavens for the moments you have.