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Core Fitness Exercises Surprise

I've written about core fitness exercises before, but never from this perspective. Nothing like a new experience to introduce a surprise!

I recently got to experience close up and personal, the delights of an operating theatre and a stint in hospital. Not your average 5-star resort experience, I can assure you!

Particularly afterwards. When you're tangled up in more cords and tubes than an orchestra, and reliant on squeezing a little button for help that may never come.

Anyway! Core fitness exercises! Very important. Do them! This is not a personal chastisement, but an illumination.

I had taken them for granted, because I long ago incorporated core strength routines into daily activities. But suddenly, when core muscles have been assaulted by very sharp instruments, they don't work very well. And cause all manner of surprising stresses.

The Best Core Fitness Exercises

So now, the best core strength exercises are top and centre of my focus again, working in well with pelvic floor exercises. They're close together, and there is a lot of overlapping benefit.

In fact, speaking with others similarly incarcerated, I discovered a surprisingly large proportion of women in particular, have been ignoring pelvic floor exercises. The result has been an acceptance of little squirts of urine while running or exercising that they had just accepted. Doesn't have to be girls - pelvic floor exercises help!

You need no exercise equipment for either pelvic floor exercises or core exercises. Here's how:

Abdominal bracing for core strength - keep breathing while pulling your navel back in towards your spine.
Pelvic floor bracing - keep breathing while pulling your anus up towards your navel.

Do each for a count of about three, and relax for a count of three - about 20 times morning and night. You'll be delighted by the difference.

If you want to take core strength exercises further, there is little that beats the basic old pushup, and the plank exercise. In both, you face the floor and suspend yourself on toes and hands. Hold still for the plank, lower and raise your body weight for the pushup. Variations include substituting feet and hands for knees and elbows.

A little discomfort to develop the core fitness exercises leads to a lot more enjoyable living! Of that I can assure you!


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