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Dessert Cosmetic Polarises Beauties

Dessert cosmetic - the 'kissable, tasteable fragrance and body care line' launched by Jessica Simpson and Dlish Fragrance in April 2004 has certainly set tongues wagging. In more ways than one!

"Too expensive", "Aimed at kids", "an intelligent product pitch from a celebrity", "tastes sickly", "not a toy", or "only good if I can lick it off Jessica Simpson" ...see what I mean?

Or try this ad for one little $36 bottle:

"Dessert Beauty Deliciously Kissable Body Shake with vitamin and protein powder smoothes on soft and sweet and leaves skin dewy and glowing. Like a luscious smoothie, the texture is light and fresh and packed with nutritious, fabulous, craving-inducing ingredients that your skin has been thirsting for - like coconut oil and shea butter, plus a whole alphabet full of vitamins ... and don't forget the succulent scents - fresh, juicy, and berry sweet with a subtle hint of crisp green bouquet (Juicy). Bottom's up with dessert beauty!"

Jessica said at the launch that she was inspired to co-create the line becuse "every time (husband) Nick would kiss my lips or skin, he would taste my lipstick, body lotion, and perfume -- and hate it. Now, he will only taste the sweet flavors of Juicy, Creamy, Dreamy."

She says the Dessert cosmetic line embodies a sense of confidence and playfulness that is sure to relate to women everywhere.

"You'll feel as delicious as you'll smell."

Comments from users have been mixed, as noted above, but a number have pointed out that the line is high quality, and gives considerable thought to beauty fitness and health.

For example, the lip gloss is similar to lip venom - it doesn't just gloss your lips but has ingredients that reportedly circulate the blood in your lips and plump them.

Other say it's designed to push Jessica's new image as a sex vixen, and the box encourages you to "invite someone you like to move in close" and taste your perfume. Apparently the scent doesn't last, although the flavor does.