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Disc Golf an Ultimate Frisbee

Disc golf and ultimate frisbee are two "kid's games" that people of any age can enjoy and benefit from... for one of the lowest costs of any fitness exercise. Have a look at the video below:

There seems to be considerable debate about who invented the frisbee and how did the frisbee get its name. A standard response is that the modern Frisbee was invented in 1964 by Ed Headrick, while he worked for Wham-O Co. The key may be use of the word 'modern'. A more appealing story is that frisbees were originally created by the Frisbie Baking Company. Hungry college students bought the pies and then used them as flying disks for cheap entertainment. That version says that in 1964, Whamo bought the patent, which has since passed to the Mattel Toy Company.

Anyways... the circular disc that resulted can be the source of a ton of fun and fitness. The sport of Ultimate Frisbee combines "the fluidity and pace of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football", according to the thousands who play it worldwide. The object of the game is to score by catching a pass in the opponent's end zone. Ultimate Frisbee is played in more than 42 countries.

Frisbee golf, or disc golf, is even more popular, with a Professional Disk Golf Association, an IDGA Hall of Fame, and of course, disc golf tournaments.

So, by all means, go throw a frisbee in a park with a friend, a dog or a team, use it as a 'navigation aid' in the woods, or get serious. Ultimate frisbee and disc golf courses and equipment are everywhere!