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The Best Facial Advice
Comes From...

Honest facial advice comes from only one place... within! It's a natural byproduct of how do you feel when you look at what's reflected in the mirror. And that gut feeling is the only truth you need about your own very precious face.

Unaccustomed harsh lighting can shock. It can send your hair up, a tremble down your spine, and your hand to your face as you lean closer to the mirror. But as you pull and peer, pause... and act like a mirror. A few moments' reflection might quickly take the edge off your initial reaction.

Often it's just the surprise of seeing your face in different lighting that sets off the alarm bells. Your closer inspection might produce a glow of inner satisfaction when you realise you've earned every one of those lines or wrinkles!

On the other hand, the sags, bags, mottles and spiderwebs may appall you.

At that point, you can more seriously consider your internal facial advice from a variety of standpoints.

What are your options?

  • A facelift?
  • Specific facial exercises?
  • A change in diet?
  • More (or less) sun?
  • Heavier cosmetics?
  • Or simply a decision to ignore what after all, are merely the ravages of time?

The most effective facial double chin exercises are outlined here, and dietary and cosmetic advice appears on a number of pages.

But facelifts are another story. When it comes to facial questions, I wasn't being flippant at the beginning of this article. Too many people - women and men - are bullied into undesirable cosmetic surgery by someone else. If someone values you only skin deep, it's high time you reconsidered the relationship.

If you feel that you should 'do it for them', you might first reflect on your own self esteem and self worth.

We are more than our skin. Each of us is a valuable worthwhile human being... no matter what our faces look like! And that is a vital concept!

That said, there are also valid reasons for a facelift, and successful surgery can change a person's life. If your job constantly places you in the public eye, for instance, your performance and promotions may benefit significantly.

For your own well-being, you might gift yourself with a new face as an act of love.

But the second best facial advice is that you consider the consequences!

The rest of your body will give away excessive facelifts and could make you an object of ridicule. Face lifts involve surgery, which means pain and recovery time, not to mention a hefty price tag. There are also dangers - particularly if you're a smoker - of blood collecting under the skin, or damage to facial muscles.

Facial surgery is a big step! It can also be the fastest way to a dramatic new look and feel to your entire life!

So facial advice No. 3 - let the shock wear off, and then consider all your options. Then trust the voice inside...