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You May Have The Fat Gene

Ah, the "Fat Gene".
Yep, I have it. You probably do too.
It's called the FTO Gene. Researchers estimate that up to 30% of those from European decent have FTO.
FTO is just flat-out nasty. It is an obesity "allele", which just means that it is a part of a gene structure that is associated with weight-gain.
FTO is also associated with an increased chance of Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and other disease states.

However, these states are secondary to weight-gain.
This means weight-gain is a major trigger for these disease states to begin.
No kidding. Who'd thunk it?
Oh, there's more:  FTO was found to jack appetite through the roof after rats were deprived of food for a while.
So... let me get this straight:
   1.  This gene makes someone eat more after they starve themselves.
   2.  This gene is associated with obesity and disease states caused by weight-gain... which is...
   3.  Always the result of starving yourself.
I'm just trying to paint a picture here folks and to avert some needless panic.
Let me give you an alternative hypothesis:
   1.  Yes, genes have something to do with weight-gain and bodyfat, etc.
   2.   But most people who were tested for these genetic factors probably tried some form of starvation dietplan long before Mr. Researcher called them into the clinic.
   3.  As a result, this FPO sucker triggered the extremely well-researched "fight or flight" response to starvation, which ...
   4. our test subjects to gain bodyweight.

This is no different than the genetic traits that make someone more likely to smoke or drink or like pop music. He/she STILL has to start the process, and that means he or she can stop it.
So, want to turn "off" your FTO?
You do not need to starve. You need to eat smart. I am only moderately hungry at night even when getting into super lean condition. I eat many times a day or (if eating higher-fat) 2-3 times and I'm always eating plenty of food.
Turn off FTO by turning ON your body's natural need for frequent, healthy food. The Every Day Diet is as simple and effective as you can get.

Read about it here -- Every Other Day Diet
Stoke the furnace -- and turn off your fat-gene. It just takes a bit of smart eating and a willingness to ignore most of what the media tries to sell you.