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Fitness Goal One By One

Many of us have a fitness goal. Something we hold dear and divine ... and very far away. Why? Perhaps because we over-complicate it!

I've noticed something lately, in a completely different sphere.

I've been working flat out on getting a task done. It absorbed my attention completely for a while... and it got done.

It wasn't all-devouring, so along the way, other essentials got done, too, albeit more on autopilot than with verve.

Nevertheless, a lot did not get done. And when I drew breath long enough to consider catching up on those other things, I just couldn't make progress. There were too many bits and pieces, chunks and disarray.

In the end, I made a list and started at the top. No particular order. Just ploughed through them. One after another.

My goal was to catch up. That was the big vision. No more and no less. Just one step at a time. Just like walking.

And it worked. No extraneous thoughts. Just simple thought-free actions. One at a time. One after another.

When I drew breath and realized the extent of this accomplishment, I got a sudden recall of a comment Kendall Harrell, personal training manager for Life Time Fitness, always used to say: that setting a specific goal allows people to focus on training and drives motivation to exercise.

“It’s a lot easier to make it to the finish line if you have the goal in sight,” he said.

Maybe this approach is universal. Maybe it would work for our fitness goals, too. Get a clear picture of the ultimate condition in mind and hold onto it. Then just do the steps. One by one. One after the other. Until... one day, you achieve your fitness goal.

Just as you knew you would!