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Free Motivation Words for Greater Weightloss

These free motivation words and thinking can make weightloss and fitness a joy. Just a subtle shift in thinking may be all it takes. This example works with losing weight, but it can work with any worthwhile goal where you need some motivation. So simple...

Talking to friends and the topic quickly moved to "resolutions"... which quickly moved to "weightloss"... seems to be everyone's New Years goal. For some free motivation, MSNBC even ran a story on it today...

    "Post-Pig-Out Plan"

That's paraphrasing their article, but to be honest you didn't miss much if you failed to read it.

Same old boring tips...

SO:  How about tips that really work this year?

If you have this as your resolution:

    "THIS year I'm going to lose ... pounds!"

Here's how to make it stick - free motivation:

1. Use a lifestyle fatloss plan rather than a
crash-diet you know will just let you down.

Let's get real:  Almost every New Years'
resolution dietplan is based on getting that
December gain off as fast as possible...


My plan includes eating my favorite foods
2-3 times per week while dropping the bodyfat
quickly enough to keep me happy YET slow
enough to keep my BODY HAPPY.

If your body is happy your fatloss will stay
steady and not crash and burn.

Here's the plan I suggest and use:  <--- New Years Fatloss Plan

2. Write your goals down in two different
formats to take advantage of the way your
brain processes information.

Your mind is a marvelous machine... but you
have to know how it works to take full advantage
of that free motivation power between your ears.

Just "speaking" a goal or thinking about it is
NOT going to get you where you want to go.
Most of us know this.

And perhaps you take the next, crucial step:
You WRITE DOWN your goals for the New Year.

That's great... YET that's only 1/4 the battle.

Here's what you do - free motivation words:

Write your body goals down two ways. Keep
both goals in different locations around the house
where you will see them and read them frequently.
Free motivation comes from frequency.

#1:  PRESENT TENSE:  Here, you state your goal
as if it has already happened. The TRICK here is
to do so without lying to yourself.

A lot of "Self-Help" gurus suggest saying things
like, "I am fit, trim and beautiful!"  Yet if you are
NOT fit or trim YET and you KNOW it, this idea
can backfire... especially if you love honesty.

Most of us love honesty, so let's BE HONEST
with ourselves while still taking advantage of
the power that future-tense goals can offer.

Write your goal like this:

"I see April 1, 2011, and I see my body: Fit,
trim, and beautiful!"

Same free motivation strategy, better results.
Since you can imagine April 1, 2011, your mind
will be more empowered to imagine the BODY
you desire along with it.

#2:  PROCESS-TENSE:  This is perhaps the
BEST way to state a goal -- as one in the process
of becoming reality. This is the best way to keep
it real as well. : )

Here's what you say:

"I am in the process of becoming more fit and
trim by April 1, 2011!"

Your body will start following your mind's directive
- free motivation - and help you achieve your goals.

3. Finally, buddy-up!

I'll be giving you some great free stuff to help
you take the dietplan I suggest and team up with
friends and even pro trainers to help you stay on track.

If you have a family member or friend that shares
your desires for a better body in 2011, team up
with them. Studies show that friends and trainers
that keep you accountable increase your success
for long-term weightloss by over 400%.

Your FIRST STEP to make use of this free motivation...
and most important for the New Year, is to have your lifestyle-friendly dietplan ready to go.

This is that plan:  <--- click for Plan

Here's wishing you the VERY BEST in 2011!

Let's get to it. : )
- Jon Benson

Those steps can make all the difference. Jon has used something very powerful in rewording those common motivational affirmations. Take careful note of them, and use them. They really can transform the way you approach your own free motivation, leapfrogging the subconscious sabotage that has probably afflicted your attemps to achieve a goal in the past. Now, check out his short video and diet plan.


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