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Hair Style Sucks?

You want a new hair style, that’s for sure. What’s not so sure, is which new hair style! Should you be going for short, long or medium hair cuts? Or are celebrity, prom, black or wedding hair dos more appropriate starting points for you?

One practical tip is to try to work with your hair’s natural type - curly, straight, wavy, etc. While it’s nice to experiment and add a Wow! Factor every now and then, day-to-day living demands something that requires very little time to maintain. By all means, splash out and be radical for special occasions such as prom, wedding or The Big Date!

Whatever the occasion (or humdrum routine), one major consideration in selecting your hair style is the shape of your face. Your new hairstyle needs to complement the shape of your face. After all, it’s much easier to change your hairstyle than to change the shape of your face! Use your hair style to accentuate your best facial features.

If you’re not sure of your face shape, stand in front of a mirror and trace around your face’s reflection in the mirror with something like lipstick. Then step back and assess the result. Which is it closest to - heart, oval, round or square?

The Key To Hairstyle Choice

The secret to using that knowledge to select your ideal hairdo is to emphasize the smaller parts, and de-emphasize the dominant parts of your face.

For example, if you have a square block on your shoulders, you may want to soften the outlines and send others’ eyes to your eyes. Curly or wavy hair softens the edges and wispy layers and/or long bangs swept to the side can radically enhance this facial shape.

Likewise, a heart-shaped face responds well to a chin length bob hairstyle, or side-parted hair brushed off the forehead. Both of these make the face appear longer and in turn emphasize your eyes. You can see such a hair style here.

In contrast, round faces generally require just the opposite treatment. What usually works best is a style that lifts the hair at the crown and leaves hair hanging close to the face. This tends to elongate the appearance of your face and add a certain finesse.

Oval-shaped faces look great with just about any style, so if that’s you, count your lucky stars! Start your experiments by brushing your hair away from your face, and work from there.

Explore The Hair Style Options

Once you’ve narrowed down the type that would best suit you – or if you’re still not sure - it’s time to explore the individual possibilities. And this can turn into a passion!

Magazines – from style to celebrity – often include vast ranges of hair styles to choose from, and you can spend hours leafing through them. Your local library probably has plenty to browse.

It’s often difficult, though, to picture just how a particular style would look on you. One of the best ways to do that is to go online, and upload a photo of yourself to one of the websites that offers galleries of hairstyle photos.

Hair Styles Cuts, for instance, has almost 4000 different hair styles you can ‘try on’. A year’s membership costs a fraction of one disastrous haircut, and you can have a ball trying on hair styles you’d never dream of experimenting with in real life!

In fact, there are several factors which often get glossed over when you're considering a new hair style which photo sessions like those can minimize. You might also like to get my free report How To Avoid The Hair Styles From Hell! It's completely free, and gives useful insights if you're undecided or thinking about a new hair style.