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Health And Fitness Clubs Gyms Gear

Most health and fitness clubs gyms can be daunting when you contemplate going for the first time. Or, for that matter, going back after a layoff.

One very simple way to settle the butterflies is to feel comfortable in yourself. And one way of doing that is ensuring that you take the right gym gear with you.

What's the right gear for a health and fitness club gym? Finding out actually became an interesting exercise. Asking around produced a surprisingly uniform set of requirements for any gym outing - in fact, I was amazed how important music is to exercise satisfaction! Try these on for size (each paragraph is a response from a different health club or gym member):

Depending on what you plan on doing at the gym, you will need a towel, water, good sneakers, a MP3 player (if you like music), and a lock for your locker if your gym doesn't provide one. If you plan on taking aerobics classes, your gym may or may not provide the extras, such as free weights,yoga mats etc. But they usually provide those things. Good Luck with your workout!

Water ipod, a towel if your gym doesn't offer towels, a change of clothes and whatever you need to shower if you are going to shower at the gym.

Water and MP3 player, deodorant.

Music, water/sports drink, a towel. Make sure your shoes are appropriate for the gym and make sure your clothes are comfortable.

I prefer to take my own towels to the gym - nothing against a gym that provides them. Water is definitely important, a change of clothes, definitely have on sports gear, and make sure you think of safety first at the gym.

Hand towel, water bottle. Dress is gym gear with gym shoes.

Water... Extra clothes, a towel, ipod, gloves(for weights) and deodorant.

Assuming that you are in gym clothing when you go there:

  • 2 face towels
  • 1 extra shirt
  • 1 gym gloves
  • 1 waterbottle
  • 1 mp3 player

If you shower there after the workout bring a change of clothes, shower gel (works better than bringing shampoo and soap)and towel.

First and foremost...WATER! You'll want to stay hydrated... Also, you might want to bring headphones. Being able to listen to your favorite music always makes for a better workout.

The Top 10 Things You Will Need to Take With You to Health And Fitness Clubs Gyms:

  1. Bottle of water (which you can usually have right next to you either on or near the machine you are working out on)
  2. Towel (some gyms do supply them, but just in case, bring your own). Keep it with you with your water bottle.
  3. Tunes... such as an old fashioned portable AM/FM radio with earphones, or an Ipod. Just make sure it is either hanging around your neck, or clipped on to your shirt or waist, so it doesn't fall on the treadmill, for instance.) Gyms do provide music in the facility, but it may not be to your taste.
  4. Wear comfortable workout clothes that your body can breathe in when you sweat. (If you tend to perspire easily, you may want to wear a tank top and shorts.) Remember you are there for yourself, so don't worry about "how you look".
  5. Tennis shoes are mandatory, but you probably already know that.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT: Bring a key with a padlock or a combination lock (and remember your code). You will need to put that on the locker in the dressing room prior to your workout to hold your keys, change of clothes, etc. Just remember not to lock the key to the lock in the actual locker itself!
  7. Shampoo, soap, hair brush, comb etc. if you intend to shower there after your workout.
  8. Your gym membership card so they can scan you in.
  9. A gym bag to put all of these things in.
  10. Your confidence - that you will lose the weight you want and you will definitely feel better and have more energy!

Usually you'll be starting with a cardio workout and will be sweating on the shirt you came to the gym with and you will also be using a face towel for the cardio. To prevent from smelling all over the gym and to do other exercises after the cardio, you must change your shirt and your face towel.

Good luck at your health and fitness clubs gyms, and don't let the exercise fanatics intimidate you!