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Healthy Weight Loss? Butt Out!

When it comes to healthy weight loss, we - particularly older women - have a horrendous choice to make. Will we favor our butt - or our face? No healthy diet or attempts to keep our skin healthy will help. In the end it will have to be - your butt, or your face?

Unfortunately, the older you are the more inevitable this sordid truth becomes. You either settle for being slightly heavier or you spend thousands of dollars on anti-aging serums and plastic surgery to get rid of excess skin and wrinkles caused by the weight loss.

Or you can choose to have plumper, less lined features, and spend a moountain of money getting liposuction on your tummy, thighs and rear end.

Because sadly, even when it comes to healthy weight loss, if you lose too much weight your face may look more haggard and wrinkles may be emphasized. Get rid of a double chin and end up with a flapping turkey neck instead. Particularly if you're an older woman.

Too often, older faces that have lost too much weight appear cadaverous. Jowls that have lost their pads of fat often hang, and gaunter cheekbones can create a ghoulish or wolfish look on an older face. Eyes often appear more sunken, and even if you keep your skin healthy, it may lose its dewy tautness.

The truth is that a fatter face often looks much much younger than a gaunt face. The extra fat pockets plump out hollows in just the right places, creating a youthful appearance. Wrinkles and expression lines such as crow's feet are simply less noticeable - and often, the skin texture on a plumper woman is simply smoother and healthier-looking.

On the other hand, if you keep enough weight on, you could end up with a rear end or thighs that are much larger than you'd prefer.

If you haven't noticed already, make a point of it next time you're in a crowded place. Many older women with beautiful line-free faces and gorgeous complexions tend to be apple-shaped or pear-shaped in their lower body.

Healthy Weight Loss Remedies

So are there any remedies for this all too-familiar paradox? Do you really have to sacrifice your looks for a smaller rear end? And when you're sticking to a healthy diet, does it really have to be one or the other?

Unfortunately the older you are the more inescapable it is, and subject to the considerations outlined above.

Fortunately, having a bit of a butt is in, as sexy superstars such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have demonstrated. And another little-known secret is that many celebrities actually buy padding to insert into their underwear to keep their backsides looking plump and well rounded!

So, if you want to be cool, you will go for having a slightly bigger butt and a younger face.

Although being thinner is healthier then being too fat, the best compromise is to be the healthiest weight for your age and body shape.

You might also have noticed that the people who look the youngest, no matter what their weight, are those who are the happiest - those who are not stressed out by things like calorie-restricted diets, painful plastic surgery, or even caring too much about what other people think.

Healthy weight loss is all about your attitude.