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HipHop Abs A Real Workout!

Hiphop abs is the latest way to get six pack abs that are ripped and sexy. And if you're into music and dance, and hate crunches and situps... you might have found a great way to building hot abs you're proud of.

The routine is sold as a weightloss exercise program as well as a sensational way to tone up your midriff, although the marketing does seem to gloss over a few physical basics.

To my mind, there's not a lot of difference from aerobics. Aerobics are a good form of exercise for fun balance-related movements to get in touch with yourself and have fun and burn some calories, but they're also something I could never get the hang of!

Hiphop abs are energetic dance routines, designed by a choreographer. The advertising is as hot as the routines. "Dance your way to hot, sexy abs and burn fat off your entire body with Shaun T's exciting new dance program!" shriek the ads. "Using Shaun's revolutionary Absolute Engagement technique, you'll "Tilt, Tuck & Tighten" your way to six-pack abs without doing a single sit-up or crunch!"

The videos (see a sample below) look wild, and the participants claim exciting weight losses and display ripped 6 pack abs that are definitely impressive.

If you'd like to give it a try, a few things to keep in mind are that:

  • many people eat more in response to exercise, so weight loss cannot be guaranteed;
  • beginners and sedentary folk will get the most benefit, and an early plateau is likely;
  • you'll need to burn significant body fat for any improvement in your abs to show;
  • cardiovascular benefits would come more easily and more safely with something like a treadmill;
  • the standing crunch employed actually works out the lower back more than the abs (which is still a good thing!)

That said, the hiphop abs program includes a lot of variety, so if you're easily bored by traditional workouts, this might be a choice to get those six pack abs.

Now, feast your eyes on these hiphop abs exercise workouts: