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Identify Skin Problems Early

How do experts identify skin problems - and then what do they do about those rashes, blemishes, acne, proclivities and myriad other skin problems?

Beautiful skin is possible, and although the chemical companies will tell you there is a solution to every one of them, quite often the best answer is to identify as soon as possible just what risks your beautiful skin may be exposed to.

Prevention is a large part of any cure. A simple daily procedure could help you maintain your beautiful skin or recover it once you've had to identify skin problems. More importantly, it can give you long-term benefits.

Premium lotions often use rich moisturizers that won’t dry, clog, or irritate your skin, so are suitable for a wider range of skin types. If you have a choice, you’re usually better off spending a little more to get that protection. However, do check around. Your local consumer groups often have test results that lay bare just which skin lotions are the best value at a given time.

One of the best things you can do to keep your skin fresh and beautiful – and to repair quite a bit of common damage – is to simply cleanse it thoroughly each night. Scrub it too much, and you’ll upset the pH balance. So restrict your morning washes to a rinse in Rooibos tea, a cheap natural mix that is rich in antioxidants.

Apply some foundation after your cleansing. It’s great for helping the protect your skin from dehydration – something which powder tends to make worse. So go lightly on the powder.

Creams such as moisturiser and sun block should be applied a number of times during the day. They give amazing protection against the natural elements and also the hazards of the built environment, such as air conditioning and heaters. Dab them on rather than massaging them in, as this makes them go further, is kinder on your skin, and even allows you to apply them over make-up.

And one final tip once you’ve identified the need to prevent skin problems – apply toner or freshener soon after applying the creams. That way you allow it to start working while the pores are still open, and the nutrients can go to work on your skin that much quicker.

So there you go. Identify skin problems by all means, but this simple regime will help prevent many of them in the first place.