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Indoor Cycling Classes
Pedalling Your Way

Indoor cycling classes may be one way of relieving your frustration and widening your horizons if the outdoors has you phazed at the moment.

Group indoor cycling classes are among the finest exercise activities available - whether access to the outdoors is an option or not. Men and women with all levels of fitness and staying power can benefit from these workouts.

Stationary indoor cycling can be a marvellous alternative to aerobic classes that ask you to master tricky moves, or get your balance on a treadmill - either of which can cause pressure on your leg muscles and joints.

For a start, cycling is simple - in fact, some call a workout on a stationary cycle their 'clockwork' workout. There are no complicated movements that you must understand to benefit from such an exercise program. Cycling is a low-impact exercise that almost anyone can do, and participation is not reliant on a preset competence, fitness level or aptitude. It is an activity anyone can join and enjoy.

Indoor cycling classes are usually led by a trainer and include high-energy music for added motivation. The coach will guide you through the cycling session indicating what resistance and speed you have to try to achieve on the stationary bike.

For first timers, the instructor should be able to lend a hand to set up the cycle properly. As a rule of thumb, you can use these points as a guide:

1. Your seat height should be set so there is a negligible bow in the knee as the pedal reaches the lowest point.

2. The lateral seat position should put just a slight bend in the elbows and, on rotating the pedals until they are level with one another, your knees should be directly over each pedal.

3. The handlebars should be level or somewhat lower than the seat. Make sure there is no sense of discomfort in your lower back.

The cycling pressure can be adjusted by twiddling a knob below the handlebars. Usually, if it's turned to the right, the pedaling resistance increases, and vice versa.

Indoor Cycling Classes

The cycling session begins with a gentle warm-up. As your heart rate and breathing starts to increase, the instructor begins the session of simulating uphill climbs and alternating speed and recovery sessions.

For climbs, the instructor will get you to twiddle that knob to increase resistance to mimic the toil you would encounter as you pedal up an increasingly sharp hill. Interval training will require fast pedal revolutions for a circumscribed amount of time as if you are sprinting. Each of these exercises are incorporated into the session to build strong legs, tolerance and overall cardiac fitness.

The trainer will match the exertion level to the fitness of the class - on average. But it's important that you put in only as much effort as your body can endure. Don't overdo it. Some approach the classes hellishly hard and others are just beginning their pilgrimage for superior fitness and may not be in top condition. You should work only as hard as you comfortably can and not try to compete with the superstar next to you.

Top indoor cycling classes last about 45-minutes. Instructors will on the whole have you take at least two hill climbs and perform two spell groups. A cooldown of five minutes on the cycle follows the climbing and interval work. A little stretching practice typically ends the cycling session.

A group indoor cycling session is a fantastic way to exercise in a fun, low-impact and high-energy environment. Force, endurance and holistic fitness can be achieved with methodical sessions on the indoor bike.

Get On Your Stationary Bike

Not all gyms offer indoor cycling as a regular class, but most have rows of stationary cycles already installed. So it's something you can do alone, or form your own small group of friends with similar levels of fitness and ambition.

If not, you can always ask the gym to organize 'the first group indoor cycling classes' in the district!

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