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Inspiring Speeches
To Train By

Inspiring speeches can motivate even the most reluctant to exercise. Sometimes. But unless those speeches light a fire deep inside you they can easily be tuned out and ignored. So how on earth do you inspire someone whose body is literally falling apart, piece by piece, to not only exercise, but to excel?

Inspiring speeches will get you started, but beauty and fitness can be achieved through 7 simple steps... and by picking the brains of former fatties who transformed into exercise and motivational heroes... in only 30 days.

It's a question that probably isn't asked all that often. Not many of us ever face such a situation. But Michael Milton is not like most of us. Consider this:

Michael Milton is a skier, cyclist, adventurer, world and Australian record holder, Paralympian, Olympian, humanitarian....

  • the fastest man on skis in the world (setting a world record of 213.65km/hr at Les Arcs in the French Alps in 2006);
  • winner of 4 Olympic gold medals at Salt Lake in 2002;
  • Laureus World Sportsperson of the Year in 2003;
  • Gold medal and Australian record holder in the 3000m Pursuit at the Australian Track Cycling Championships in 2007...

Well, you get the picture. Now here's the other side of it...

Among other things, Michael Milton lost his left leg at the age of nine to bone cancer, and lost two-thirds of his stomach last year, when he was diagnosed with Oesophagael Cancer.

Five months later he set a national record for the pursuit at the 2008 Australian Track Cycling Championships, and lowered it again this month.

His dream is to make the Australian team and compete at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games in September. Milton will have to wait until 6 June to find out if he makes the team. That is when Cycling Australia advises the Australian Paralympic Committee about their selections.

"It means a lot to me to make the team to Beijing," he said. "In a way it's kind of a signal that everything is back to normal and back on track and my cancer battle is over."

But that's not the inspiring story. He was interviewed in the leadup to final trials to make the cycling team for China, his first Summer Games after five Winter Paralympic Games at which he won 11 medals, including six gold.

Inspiring Speeches

Here are some of the inspiring speeches he included in the titbits reporter Margie McDonald included in her article for The Australian Newspaper.

"My body is different to before; it takes me longer to recover. My eating has to be very structured .. to make the most of the one-third of my stomach that I have left."

"If I don't make [the team] there are so many positives out of pushing hard to achieve that goal, in terms of getting my health back, being able to enjoy things again, and getting my body to do things like it used to."

"I've put all my eggs in one basket on this one (making the team). There's no backup, there's nothing else - it's just to qualify or not to qualify. June 6 will be a very happy day or a very sad day."

"I believe that at some stage I'll get cancer again for the third time. So my future means I'm likely to die of cancer and not old age. It's something I've come to terms with and accept. At times last year I was very doubtful I'd get another five years, but now I'd like to think I'll be around for a little longer than that."

You can read more about Michael - and whether he makes the team - on his website

You can take his lesson to heart and do something for your own health by checking out something like Jon Benson's Empower Fitness or every other day diet 

Don't you owe it to yourself? Benson says that by addressing both diet and exercise at the same time you can overcome even deep rooted hereditary nightmares. And if Michael Milton can do it... surely you can too!

Do it, and go make your own inspiring speeches!