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Internet business

A Surprisingly Simple Way to Uncork a Sparkling Lifestyle...

If you've ever been tempted to have your own Internet business - or extra income - you've probably become rather jaded by the 'get-rich-quick' offerings that seem to appear everywhere. I know I was.

Particularly when I realized the potential of the Internet to allow me to work from home, but still have money to spend. Because so many home businesses seem to be just a job in disguise, except that you end up working for a lunatic (yourself!).

And then there's the whole 'passive income' thing. I mean, it makes so much more sense to do a task once and continue to get paid for that one effort for years. Rather than having to put in an hour for every dollar you earn.

Because the sad truth is that 'normal' pay-packets stop the moment you stop work. And I sure as heck didn't want that.

I tried a number of business ideas but always seemed to get bogged down on building a web site. I mean... have you seen all the technical stuff that goes into putting a web site up? And then the millions of 'tools' every expert insists you have to have if you want to make any money from your site?

I was going broke fast. And my stress levels were far outweighing my income.

The last straw came when a site I had put my heart and soul into suddenly became corrupted - all my wonderful content overnight was changed to pornography. And when I asked the hosting company to replace it with the backup they supposedly made every day, discovered that it, too, had been ruined.

About then I chanced on an ad for Site Build It! That was back in the year 2000. The company had an ebook called 'Make Your Site Sell' - and it opened my eyes to what could really be done with a website. It was a step by step blueprint that walked readers through every stage of the process - from coming up with an idea for a site to cashing the cheques at the other end.

And even better, for a single package price that was similar to the basic hosting fees elsewhere, they would provide all the tools and training as well.

I was rapt. SBI! really did make building a web site a job even this dummy could do. But even more importantly, it allowed me to build a business, not just a website. Follow the instructions, and collect the checks!

In the years since, the system has improved and grown to an extraordinary degree. The community of users is huge, unbelievably helpful, and simply inspiring. And the price is actually cheaper now than it was when I began.

Watch this amazing video

If you've ever thought of starting a web site of your own, please do yourself a favor and have a look at this video. If you do what they tell you, SBI! will save you years of time and thousands of dollars! And it really is 1, 2, 3 simple.

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