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Kettlebell Snatches Exercise High Ground

The kettlebell brigade is marching through fitness gyms and sports arenas around the country, gathering an almost cult following among those who want faster, superior exercise workouts.

Kettlebells? Think a cannon ball with a handle. Weighing from nine to 88 pounds, the kettlebell delivers an intense workout that enthusiasts say can be done in half the time of a traditional workout, while producing twice the results. In fact, one study found that the 'core strength' benefit of kettlebell lifting even outperforms circuit weight training.

Afficionados claim it is the ultimate tool for all-around fitness and cross-training because Kettlebell training programes increase endurance, fat loss, strength gains. agility and balance, challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular system with dynamic, total-body movements.

You can get an idea of the type of exercises from this short kettlebell exercise video.

Developed in Russia over a century ago, the kettlebell or girya is a traditional Russian cast iron weight. The sport of kettlebell lifting or girevoy has been played in Russia for decades.kettlebell conditioning

Fitness expert and author Pavel Tsatsouline is credited with introducing kettlebells to the United States. So one good way to ensure you get optimal results is to absorb Pavel’s advice from his books and companion DVD, such as Enter the Kettlebell!

Until this point, kettlebell equipment has only been available by mail order or via the web, presenting a major hurdle for the exploding kettlebell phenomena and its many followers. Kettlebells sell online from $80-$200, but GoFit and Iron Core Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning, the first and only fitness studio in the Unites States exclusively devoted to the quickly growing kettlebell workout program, have announced that their kettlebell fitness equipment and instructional DVDs will be available through retail stores by Summer 2007.

The Iron Core powered by GoFit products will begin at $29.99, making the workout both accessible and affordable. A beginner's kettlebell kit will include a start-up DVD starring Sarah Lurie (photographed above), as well as a kettlebell designed to teach newcomers the basic techniques of the workout routine