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Life Change? Change Me!

"OK, you need to change. A life change is needed. Now!"

We all know the language of self-talk.

It's the speak that often includes the phrase, "I really need to change, to change my life."

That's cool. People change all the time. So, what do you need to change?

How about your bodyweight?

That's right: You probably need to "change your body."

Or, how about your monetary value?

Sure, you probably need to "change your spending habits."

But why change?

Everybody else might be screaming 'Change Me'... but why should you change?

What drives you to contemplate a life change in the first place?

I have news for you:

You do not need to change your life.

You need to BECOME.

Consider if you will the analogy of the caterpillar "changing" into the butterfly.

Many use this story to reflect upon our own human condition.

We go from point A to point B ... often with beneficial results.

Therefore, we change. Correct?


We "become".

You are, currently, in a state of becoming.

The question is...


What are you becoming?

The caterpillar actually 'becomes' a butterfly.

It does not force itself to change. It simply becomes.

There's a flow there that is unmistakable. Irrefutable.


Some claim that change is the only constant in the universe. This may be true for things that are not self-aware.

But this is not true of you, even in a life change.

Yes, you change in ways like any other organism in our world.

But in every way that truly matters, you BECOME.

You become what you think.

You become what you truly desire.

You become your efforts, your attentions,your goals.

Let me ask you this:

What is the more empowering question?

"I really need to change my body..."

... or "I choose to become more fit and vibrant."

You tell me.

Which statement inspires action? Instills desire? Reignites the fire in your belly?

I say the latter -- "I choose to become ----- ."

Today, choose to become.

Embrace change that is inevitable, but actively pursue what you desire to become.

You cannot accept a static life any longer.

You desire becoming. You desire more than merely living, breathing, existing, dying.

Today, I urge you to consider what you want to become.

How you will make that becoming happen?

How you will feel as you pursue your own personal becoming?

What legacy you will leave behind for your children and theirs by becoming ---- ?

Do you think fitness is trivial?

I think this is the real reason most of us do not pursue becoming the person we are meant to be.

We think of it as trivial as compared to "reality."

Thankfully, you can select exactly how, when, and why you make that life change.

And yes, you can choose what you become.

Becoming is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself. Life change is far less rewarding when you think about it.

Becoming is superior.

Becoming includes a higher state, a greater purpose, a more inclusive vision of the world around you.

Becoming is contagious. Infectious.


Today I want to help you become. In this case, become more aware, and become more fit.

In this process, you will grow to become in an exponential fashion. "Working out" or "diet-planning" will never look the same.

Rather than seeing it as a force to push against (change me!) you will feel it like gravity. Something pulling you toward a greater destiny.

Choose today to become.

Then, share that decision with those whom you love.

Watch their lives evolve with you. Watch the butterflies becoming.

Watch as it all begins to make sense. As purpose forms. As the vista grows larger than just "burning bodyfat" to "becoming an empowered individual."

Rather than snack on the scraps from the table of life, feast on its bounty.

This feast begins with the desire to become more than you are.

And, that decision is one you will make right now.

Choosing not to decide is still a choice.

I think you will choose the greatest choice.

I think you will choose to become. That is a true life change.

- Jon Benson
Author of Fit Over 40 and The Every Other Day Diet