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Male Chest Hair Roars!

Male chest hair is one of the biggest turn-ons for women - it's official!

If scientists at Cambridge University are to be believed, what women really want is a mat of chest hair planted on a lithe athlete with broad shoulders.

"A heavily built male body was more than twice as popular with women once we gave him chest hair," said Matthew Anderson, an evolutionary biologist and one of the authors of a report on the findings.

"Female peahens select the peacock with the biggest, boldest train, as he is going to have the best genes for survival and success.

"With humans, a strong-looking body, muscles and broad shoulders indicate the same sort of thing."

Cambridge's department of zoology questioned 700 women aged 19 to 65.

The women were shown diagrams of 30 male body types and were asked to rank them for attractiveness on a scale of one to five. The winner was the mesomorph shape i.e. bodies with lean hips, trim waists and broad shoulders, making a V shape.

And its popularity doubled when researchers added body hair spanning the chest and reaching the navel.

Researchers believe fashions can alter women's preferences in men, but the study may explain why, after brief fads for the boyish Orlando Bloom body types, the hairy V keeps bouncing back.

So if you want to investigate more about male chest hair and some of the pampering and enhancing you can do just that.

If on the other hand, you'd rather manage, control or totally eliminate male chest hair, that is also a choice. Either way, know that now - at last - you can control your hairy chest!