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Easy Fix for
Menopause Symptoms?

Menopause Symptoms Product Review:  
NaturaPause -- Natural Hormone Solution For Men And Women

When most people hear the words "menopause" or "andropause", they immediately think, "middle-age" and "misery". After all, most people experience the onset of the end of their reproductive cycle during middle-age -- and this is usually accompanied by emotionally and physically draining symptoms such as hot flashes, low libido, and mood swings.

However, the facts are changing, and they're changing with the times.

People are now experiencing these symptoms, along with constant fatigue and depression, much earlier in life. Some studies suggest that perimenopause can begin as early as twenty-five in some women. Men in their twenties and thirties regularly experience the symptoms of low libido and erectile dysfunction. Both men and women battle fatigue and depression -- often with drugs and dangerous habits.

What is causing this rapid onset of the symptoms of menopause or andropause? Is this 'really' what people are experiencing, or it is something altogether different that is "masking" itself as menopause or andropause? What can someone in their early mid-life do about these stressful symptoms? And, what about those who are actually experiencing the onset of the end of reproduction? Are drugs the only alternative? Are they actually safe?

The questions and much more are addressed spectacularly in NaturaPause:  The Natural Hormone Solution For Men And Women.  Created by Naturopathic physician Dr. Holly Lucille and Fit Over 40 author Jon Benson, NaturaPause uncovers what Dr. Lucille calls "the root causes" behind the symptoms associated with perimenopause, menopause, andropause, rapid weight gain, functional erectile dysfunction and constant fatigue. Rather than addressing the menopause symptoms, Dr. Lucille and Benson address the "cause", as they enlighten both men and women in methods that can restore natural hormonal (or bioidentical hormones) function.

NaturaPause is not a supplement or a drug, but a "how-to" instruction kit comprised of a six audio CDs, a 137-page book and a 28-page workbook.

"Most physicians try to replace hormones. That's a poor strategy," says Dr. Lucille in Audio 1. "Exactly what 'hole' did they fall out of?"  From almost a decade of clinical practice, Dr. Lucille has found solid, natural methods for encouraging bodies to do what they were designed to do:  heal themselves of menopause symptoms, from the inside-out. This healing process can not only take care of the problem, but also the nasty symptoms -- and, unlike drugs (HRT is the common term for hormone therapy via drugs), leave the individual much healthier and more fit than when they began.

"Drugs have their place in hormone help, but they should not be the first choice. The body must be given the chance to heal the root cause of most of the menopause symptoms... and that's something rarely discussed in traditional medicine," says Dr. Lucille. "For those on HRT or bioidentical hormones, it is even more crucial to address the core issues, otherwise long-term health can definitely be affected."

NaturaPause audios include menopause symptoms and: 
"Hormones 101:  What You Really Need To Know",
"Menopause:  Reasons And Remedies For Regaining Your Life,"
"Andropause:   What Men Need To Know To Restore Vigor",
"Exercise and Nutrition:  Secret Weapons In The Battle For Youth",
"Restoring Sex Drive:  The Psychology and Physiology of Renewing Your Love Life", and
"Putting It All Together:  Dr. Lucille's 1-2-3 NaturaPause Plan." 

Each audio is impressively thorough and conducted in a conversational style between Mr. Benson and Dr. Lucille. Both give their take on the subject; Benson from personal experience of early andropause at 27, and Dr. Lucille from a clinical perspective.

So, what is addressed in the NaturaPause Solution Kit?

A small sampling includes...

-- Exactly why traditional medicine flat-out fails to wipe out the hellish symptoms of menopause, male menopause, perimenopause, weight gain, and constant fatigue;

-- What the natural health industry is missing, and why people are not seeing the rapid results they are looking for by trying what they hear on T.V. or read in a magazine;

-- The real, absolute, without-a-doubt cause of nearly all these symptoms and how to get rid of them, make people feel better, and radically boost mental, emotional, and physical health at the same time;

-- Why 95% of doctors never treat this hormonally-based cause;

-- A top-to-bottom,"treat the cause" solution that is based in fact and medicine that's been successful for thousands of years;

-- And more than can be covered in this short review.

Dr. Lucille's book rounds out the package nicely, covering all you need to know about andropause and menopause symptoms and restoring and maintaining hormonal balance in what she calls, "An ever-increasing toxic environment." Dr. Lucille demonstrates how everyday household items are contributing to the increase of estrogen in both males and females. The result:  children are reaching puberty 2.3 years sooner than fifty years ago, and both sexes are experiencing the onset of menopausal symptoms earlier and, often, in increased severity.

NaturaPause is the best product I have ever seen for addressing relief and restoration when it comes to this natural phase of life. Combine that with the solid, down-to-earth nutrition and fitness  information, how-tos on sexual healing, and a complete "what works" natural supplement guide, and you have a product that everyone over 30 desperately needs in order to live at their peak for decades to come.

For more information about treating andropause and menopause symptoms, visit the NaturaPause website at --


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