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The Perfect Mystic Tan

It's mystic tan time... unless you're more into tanning beds and lotion or maybe even in pursuit of that super special Palm Beach tan!

The mere warmth in the air and the bright sunshine is enough to turn many people's thoughts to the tanning salon, but for 2007 there's a different impetus... Sunset Tan, the new E! television series about the goings-on at a chain of tanning outlets in Southern California.

According to the Google Buzz, queries on "sunset tan" were up 85% after the show sprayed the US "with a blend of orange-looking people, cattiness, and contrived drama". And whether the show or the weather was to blame, searches on real-life tanning products surged an average of 20% as well.

'Searches show plenty of folks are ready to fake it this summer," said the Buzz. Queries on "mystic tan" (+27%), "palm beach tan" (+20%), and "tanning salons" (+18%) are currently burning up.'

So in case you wondered, or wanted to be one step ahead of the bronzed in-crowd, here are the top 20 tan searches from the first week of June...

  1. Tanning Beds
  2. Mystic Tan
  3. Tanning Lotion
  4. Palm Beach Tan
  5. Indoor Tanning Lotion
  6. Tan Lines
  7. Hollywood Tan
  8. Spray Tan
  9. Darque Tan
  10. Tanning Salon
  1. Sunless Tanning
  2. California Tan
  3. Bion Tanning
  4. Airbrush Tanning
  5. Home Tanning Beds
  6. Beach Bum Tanning
  7. Discount Tanning Lotion
  8. Used Tanning Beds
  9. Wolff Tanning Beds
  10. Tanning Tips