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Natural Health And Beauty Products Gather Loyalists

Natural health and beauty products have a devoted following that is growing, it seems, as if there is no tomorrow. Ironically, such all natural treatments for ailments requiring internal cleansing to skin care have evolved over centuries, maintaining the health of some of the most primitive peoples on earth. Today's versions, though, offer something just a tad more sophisticated!

Natural health and beauty products from the supermarket, multi level marketing companies, cosmetics giants and secretive labs are all producing natural health beauty products they claim are not only good for you, but, well... what your body naturally needs!

Claims include:

  • We choose to make our products 100% free of chemicals and preservatives in order to respect the health of the environment, as well as the health of our customers.
  • Our natural skin care and health products contain only natural ingredients with no synthetics, no petrochemicals, no artificial colours, no fragrances and no animal products.
  • Natural health products that allow you to feed your body what it naturally needs.
  • We have a professional line of products that are represented by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, chiropractors, licensed aestheticians, massage therapists, and professional makeup artists.
  • And these skin care products have been proven pure, safe and beneficial for your skin.

A number of manufacturers at a recent health and beauty products events nutrition natural shows claimed to hand-make all their natural personal care products in small batches, using all natural, high quality ingredients. Target symptoms include natural health and beauty products, weight management programs, blood type diet programs, internal cleansing, internal detoxification, hair mineral analysis testing, hormone replacement therapy (hrt), sports nutrition, hair care services, body and bath products, and cosmetics.

Many are actually herbal products as they are made of natural herbs like rosehip, red raspberry, cat's claw, maca, with no synthetics, petrochemicals, or fragrances.

The natural health beauty products industry proclaims that most mainstream health and beauty products are a waste of good money. The primary reason, they say, is that scientists want to use chemicals to achieve a given result.

"If you are low on calcium, just take a calcium supplement right? Wrong!"

Trusted Health Products, for instance, says nutritional science has been going in the wrong direction for 100 years because it is based on "inorganic" chemistry, which by definition does not apply to living things.

They say that decades ago, biologist Louis Kervran proved that contrary to chemical companys' claims, a chicken fed only a low-calcium diet of oats, could still produce four times as much calcium as she had ingested by transforming potassium from the oats into calcium.

This CBS video outlines the virtues of a variety of natural health and beauty products, but adds the warning that by law, a product needs only tiny quantities of natural products to be legally sold as all natural health and beauty products. The problem, it says, is that the FDA has not defined the term 'natural'.

The industry, however, has no doubts.

"Dumping supplements and chemicals in to your body because you are deficient in a particular one, does not resolve the problem and can cause your body to get 'out of balance', members say.

"Feeding your body what it naturally wants is the only real answer to good health. In other words, stick to natural health and beauty products."