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Nutrition Month Urges 4 Tiny Changes for Greater Health

nutrition month healthy eatingNational Nutrition Month this year is promoting one simple idea: make four tiny changes in your diet and reap enormous health rewards. Watch the 1 minute video on how easy it is to change to healthy eating ...(sorry - it's been removed)

Dietitian Julie Upton, who specializes in nutrition, fitness and wellness, recommends these four steps:

  • Start everyday with a wholesome breakfast,
  • Eat more whole and enriched grains and omega-3 fatty acids,
  • Make brown rice the foundation for healthier eating, and
  • Learn how to navigate menus to choose healthier options

The campaign, sponsored annually by the American Dietetic Association, aims to focus attention on the importance of making informed food choices and develop sound eating and physical activity habits.

The fact that many of eat more meals away from home than we ever did in the past has encouraged Upton to include that fourth point in her 'top priority' list.

While it's best that we learn how to identify the healthy items on any menu for ourselves, she says there are also encouraging signs from the restaurant indusry.

"TGI Friday's resturaunts, for instance, is taking a leadership role in portion control with their Right Portion, Right Price menu," she says. "Guests have a variety of low fat and low carb choices, either in a normal-size entrée or a smaller portion entrée at a lower price."

So, have a look at the video, and do yourself a favor... make March the start of your very own nutrition month... and then extend it throughout the year. Nutrition Month is a chance for each of us to take stock or what and how we're eating... and these four simple changes could pay big dividends.