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Pictures of Hair Highlights
Not All the Go

Pictures of hair highlights can tell you a lot - just check how you would look with these highlights in your hair! - but there are some other vital considerations that go into selecting the hairstyle that will project your image.

Let’s start by clearing the air on hairdresser jargon. When we speak of ‘hair highlights’ we mean lighter colors added to darker hair. For instance, if your hair is dark brown to black – or even light brunette – you want darker toned highlights. Shades like strawberry blonde, white or gold blonde or light copper streaks on random parts of your head or even the tips of your hair can have enormous impact.

Conversely, ‘hair lowlights’ are darker colors added to lighter hair. Mahogany, plum, black or even a natural dark brown can add depth and character to hair that may otherwise tend to flat and boring!

And why not get adventurous? The whole point of altering your natural hair color is to express yourself, to enjoy the attention outstanding hairstyles can attract. Perhaps a celebrity hairstyle has inspired you, or a prom hair style that looked absolutely stunning.

So talk to your stylist and look at pictures of hair highlights. They can probably help enormously in designing the hairstyle that suits your natural hair color and type, and complements your facial features. They also have the training in hair styling, hair cutting, and hair coloring to introduce subtleties and tones that can transform your appearance.

And in transforming your appearance, they can help you transform how you feel!

Consider adding as many as three different hair colors, using sliced highlights and lowlights to enhance the depth and contrast, the warmth or fire of your hair.

Different types of highlights can have dramatically different impact according to how they’re applied, for instance, to a short sassy hairstyle or long and curly luxuriant locks.

Whether you study pictures of hair highlights or pictures hair cuts or just examine yourself with an open mind, the time spent will be very rewarding in finding the most attractive hairstyle ... just for you.

But why settle for that? Why not upload a photo of yourself, and delve into this huge library of pictures of hair highlights and actually see what each would look like on you?

Be warned, though! If you're into pictures of hair highlights, this could become addictive!