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Professional Motivation Coach Exercising Tips at Home

Sometimes you feel that a professional motivation coach is what's needed to provide exercising tips at home. That edge that will keep you on track to lose weight, overcome procrastination causes and effects, and... well... get you fit!

But have you ever stopped to think that maybe it's a personal motivation coach you need? I've no doubt you are fully aware of the risks of not exercising, and probably one or two of the motivation theories that are supposed to keep you pumped, and pumping.

But you don't. Like probably 80% of the population, good intentions fizzle. Motivation to exercise drains away with unbelievable ease. And you find yourself repeatedly putting off the exercise workouts you promised yourself.

If you feel the pain, imagine the frustration of professional exercise physiologists and personal trainers who never have to ask is exercise good for your health? They know it is, and no matter how hard they try to motivate you to keep training, you and the health professional suffer when you drop out.

Fear not... there may be a solution.

Professional motivation coach Chris Tzar says the key is understanding the difference between motivation and drive.

Motivation, he says, is all in the head... a cognitive, or thought process you use to decide to exercise. Actually getting out there and doing the hard yards, however, is governed by drive... and that's an emotional process.

So to avoid procrastination, and actually do the exercise you promised yourself, you need to be running positive emotions. Learn how to do that, and you're halfway home.

One way is to identify the emotions you attach to exercising, and those you attach to inaction. Ditto for follow-through and not following through. Now scan the two pairs of lists.

Notice a common thread in each column? And a polar opposite between them? Sometimes it's blatant, sometimes a little less obvious. But there will be differences.

And next time you feel like goofing off and skipping a workout, the choice is simple. Just change your mind. Think about things that evoke the emotions in the exercise and follow-through columns and immerse yourself in them.

It may take only a few seconds, but this professional motivation coach says you'll be amazed at how your fitness improves as a result.