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Punk Girl Hair Styles

Punk girl hair styles live ... They started in the 70s - wild on the surface, and wild underneath. Spirit of the rebellion.

On into the 80s and 90s and 00s, changing with the decade as rebellion subdued and chemistry and telecommunications blossomed.

Yet, here we are, 30 years on, and they're probably more fashionable than they were when they started.

It's a bit like the cosmetics industry discovered in 2004 - there are at least two sides to many people, and they want a way to express their wild side.

What better way than in punk girl hair styles and a punk hair gallery!

The original punk rocker cut showed that you didn't give a toss about the Establishment, and that you were rebelling against the fascist bullies.

The style included as many colour combinations as possible, and as high as possible.

As technology developed, the potential grew even wilder.

The style of the 80s blossomed to include not only spikes and unheard of hair colors, but the wonderfully uncouth mohawk with its sometime outrageous 10 foot spikes.

Not so much of that about today's punk hair gallery. We're back a bit, to color and spikes and shaven bits with tattoos underneath.

Punk girl hair styles today, it could be said, are much closer to the skin! Much better suited to the beauty fitness lifestyle!

Yet even today, the classic punk rocker style comes in at No. 10 on an international table of the 'all-time greatest' hairstyles of the ages.

How's that for rebellion!

But now - how would you look in luminous pink punk girl hair styles - or green, or blue, or spiked or ...

Ever wondered? Check out the amazing range of punk girl hair styles here, upload a photo of yourself, and play!

Experiment, jig, jag, and be as outrageous as you want. By the time you're finished, you'll just about know what it feels like ... or exactly which punk girl hair styles are you