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Remove Hair Color with These Products & Processes

To remove hair color you need the appropriate product or process, considering what you are working with.

Permanent hair color
Clairol, Loreal and Wella have products designed to remove permanent hair color. Schwartzkopf produces a professional quality line, but it is available only to licensed professionals.

Remove semi permanent hair color
Again, Clairol comes to the rescue. There's also a strip shampoo by Aerogel that does the job.

Removing hair color from skin and clothes
Revlon Clean Touch and Prima Tint both do a good job on these parts.

Hair color removal tips

  • Avoid clarifying shampoo to maintain you hair color - it will strip your hair of its color
  • Use gloves!
  • Make sure you use equal amounts of developer and color.
  • To remove hair color off your skin, the rule is that color removes color. So DO NOT use soap - use the hair dye off the top of your head and rub it on your skin.

Oops! I hate it!

If you color your hair and you now want to go back to your natural color, don't simply put another darker color over the hair that has been colored. It won't come out fine!

When hair has been lightened, it has been bleached and colored all at the same time. As the hair lightens is goes through stages of color removal and these colors need to be added back into the hair before applying a final formula. This is called 'filling' the hair.

You are much better off going back to the professional who did the job in the first place and getting them to change it.

It is possible - it just needs the right materials for your particular hair.

It can take an hour or so, and also be applied roots to ends, depending on the condition of the hair. The more damaged or porous the hair is, the less time it will take.

Clean off a strand of hair with an old damp rag every few minutes to see how the color is looking.

OK. Now that you've learned how to remove hair color, here's a bonus tip that might help avoid the hassles in the first place.

How would you like to see what the hair color looks like on you - before you apply it?

Well, you can you know! The wonders of modern technology!

All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself, and then click into this huge gallery of hair style photos - and apply them to your face!

It's amazing fun. Play with the length, the color, the style ... you could easily spend hours!