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Reverse Aging... Scientific Insights & Practical Steps

Is it possible to reverse aging? Modern science says that reversing the aging process is not only possible... all it takes is a simple three-step process!

The bad news is that there's a gulf between knowing the three anti aging steps, and actually doing them.

The good news is that the code has been cracked!

You've probably heard the old proverb: "Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die."

So why do we want to live forever?

According to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, author of "Chasing Life" and CNN's Senior Medical Corespondent, we don't. The real quest isn't eternal life on earth according to Gupta, but rather an exceptional life.

While interviewing the foremost authorities on anti-aging and life extension, Dr. Gupta discovered three "universals" -- three principles that each researcher deemed critical to extending our lives naturally and empowering us to live exceptionally. They are:

1. Weight training

2. Good nutrition

3. Positive thinking and having purpose

Jon Benson, author of "Fit Over 40", says his reverse aging research bears that out.

As a 43-year-old hunk - and that's not a kind way of describing someone who weighed 242 pounds with 38% body fat - he could accept the three points, but actually motivating himself to find out more about them was hard enough... let alone doing something about it.

But the news was enough to trigger his memory of something he'd once heard the legendary trainer Tony Robbins say... that "role modeling is an easy shortcut to massive results fast".

Surely talking to people about how they'd got thin and active and healthy again would be easier than sweating, he thought. Besides, some of it might even rub off on him!

Well, somewhere along the way it seems he lost the plot. The search for an effective way to reverse the aging process got him in. He ended up asking 52 men and women how they had managed to slow the hands of time down to a crawl.

Modeling is the secret that's been used to "reverse engineer" the intelligence strategies of Albert Einstein, the creativity strategies of Walt Disney, the musical strategies of virtuoso violinists, the persuasion strategies of star salespeople, the investment strategies of financial geniuses, the leadership strategies of winning coaches and the medal winning strategies of elite athletes.

So I thought, "Why not use modeling to uncover and duplicate the health and fitness strategies of men and women who conquered aging and disease?"

The idea of "modeling health & fitness" made all the sense in the world to me," he said.

And that's when he started see patterns. And started to apply them to his own quest to reverse aging. Within 12 months, he says he totally reversed the damage he had done to his body and slashed at least 10-15 years off his biological age:

Here's what he found:
  • My body fat decreased from 38% to 9%
  • My muscle mass skyrocketed by 14 pounds
  • My strength almost doubled
  • My waist quickly shrank from 44 to 33
  • My aerobic capacity increased
  • My blood pressure dropped
  • My resting heart rate fell from 98 to 59
  • My hormones evened out
  • At age 40, I achieved the best shape of my life!
After progress like that, you can imagine that Benson does not waste time with hype and hypothesis. In Fit Over 40 - the book he wrote to tell you exactly how you can copy what he achieved - he focuses on real-world examples and applications we can all use to slow the aging process and help prevent and reverse the conditions that can lead to disease.

You too can live a longer, more exceptional life by simply adopting a smart, realistic and enjoyable lifestyle fitness plan. And if science just happens to catch up with Father Time, you'll be many steps ahead of the curve.

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