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How You Can Safely Lose Up To 21 Pounds In 21 Days

How do you safely lose fat? Stay Hungry?  Well... maybe. But not how you think!

Got a question for you:

Should you "stay hungry"?

Let me explain what I mean.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a movie a while time ago called "Stay Hungry." Only a handful of people saw it.

I was one of them.

I loved the idea of "staying hungry" -- of never sitting on your rear end too long... of never being totally comfortable... and of always progressing.

Think about it:

Most of your greatest progress comes at the expense of temporary comfort.

This does not mean you should torture yourself. But being 'too' comfortable? Well that's bad news when it comes to safely lose weight - and success in general if you ask me.

Here's two examples:

First, it is now 1:02 AM Texas time. I am writing this letter to you despite being quite tired and ready to hit the sack.


Because when it comes to my job, I like to stay hungry.

I am not satisfied with a "do it tomorrow" attitude. I have something to say and I feel that I owe it to you to say it.

Plus I love my job. I know my information is more than just "books that sell well" -- I know it's information that changes peoples lives.

That makes me stay hungry.

And that's a good thing. My greatest successes have been when I've stayed hungry and lived at the edge of comfort.

But let me share my second example and see what you think.

This one deals with my upcoming book.

The book I'm talking about tonight is one that thousands have been waiting for... literally. I have a waiting list.

The title says it all:

The Radical Fatloss Blueprint: How You Can Safely Lose Up To 21 Pounds In 21 Days

Pretty bold statement, right? In fact... it's radical.

Hence the name.  : )

And I have to warn you:  You will stay a bit hungry. Literally.

Not 'starving'... but hungry. And that means you'll be burning a lot of bodyfat - fat you can safely lose.

Now, before you think I've lost my marbles, let me explain:

This is NOT a "dietbook" -- this is a blueprint for 21 days ONLY.

It is the same exact system I personally have used for years (with the addition of one new supplement that I really like) to safely lose weight and get into top shape.

I've used this System on quite a few people eager to safely lose fat, and the average weightloss has been over 16 pounds. Some folks lost like 30 or more... others only 11.

Still... in 21 days, this is amazing.

Some of the weight is going to be junk out of your system that can cause illness. It can build up inside and this program helps you get rid of it painlessly.

Some of the weight is water.... but it's water that you do not need to be carrying around. Needless waterweight.

The rest is almost pure bodyfat... and that's RADICAL. To keep muscle and burn that much bodyfat is very hard to do.

Like I said... it's radical.

And it's only 21 days long.

Now, I will also tell you this -- you cannot buy this book.

Not yet.

The reason is simple:  I've reserved the first few thousand copies for those of you who own my book "Every Other Day Diet."

They get it first... and since you will need a few supplements to make the plan work (I provide wholesale pricing for those as I do not make supplements) you can see why it's important to get in line if you want this book.

I'm only ordering a limited supply of the supplements that go along with the book.

And I'm just passing the savings on... I do not want to get into the "wholesale" business, but I also knew I could save you folks over 100 bucks if I did it this way.

So... to safely lose, here's the deal:

  1. Pick up a copy of "Every Other Day Diet" now unless you already have it.
  2. On or before March 15th you will receive a letter from me letting you know where to get your free copy of "Radical Fatloss Blueprint".
  3. You will also receive a link to order the supplements needed (only 21 days worth... no "reorders" needed) at wholesale price. You can have them shipped right to your door just about anywhere in the world.

No stimulants are used. Nothing dangerous. Just smart supplementation to help the body hold on to muscle, stimulate natural fat-burning hormones, and help you stay healthy and strong.

Again, this is the system I use to get in top shape.

So, step one: Get "The Every Other Day Diet" today...

Get that here:
  <--- get this, get Radical Fatloss free March 15

After that, read the book. Be sure you have it down because you will NEED this book to continue to safely lsoe fat right after Radical Fatloss is over.

The worst thing you can do is try a radical dietplan without having a SANE dietplan to fall back to.

That's what Every Other Day Diet is:  A sane, real-world, eat-like-this-forever dietplan that works.

The Radical Fatloss Blueprint just kicks everything into high gear for 21 days.

So, get Every Other Day Diet here:  <--- get this, get Radical Fatloss free March 15

THEN go to this page and let me know what you think about the new cover for Radical Fatloss Blueprint... and the supplements to help safely lose weight that I have in store for you --

Finally, get ready to stay hungry:  And by that I mean to push yourself a bit more in order to become a whole lot leaner.

- Jon Benson