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Sedu Beauty Tips...
The Enemy!

Sedu beauty tips or Folica beauty products - even Sally's Beauty Supply - are all old hat according to Heather Jordan Ross and Hans Hansen. In fact, they just might be The Enemy!

What do these two unlikely heroes have in common? They've taken on the beauty industry, and so far at least, they appear to be winning!

Heather Ross, 17, of Charlottestown PE, has started a Group on the social marketing website Facebook, called Beauty Vs Industry.

Hans Hansen, the famous professional Icelandic soccer star turned lifestyle guru with a visionary take on defining personal style, has produced a new line of men's skincare products.

Their theme in common? That beauty lies within.

Now, I know that notion is as old as the hills, but in this industry-fuelled media-saturated blitzkreig, which parent is game to assume that it's the message lived by the youngsters of today?

As Prince Edward Island's The Guardian newspaper editorialised recently: "The phenomenal popularity of a new Facebook group that encourages kids to discard what the fashion industry peddles as beauty and accept who they are is a refreshing and inspiring story."

Now, I'll admit a certain ignorance of the Facebook phenomenon, other than the meteoric rise in popularity it's had - to the extent that it's apparently poaching MySpace members big-time - but as near as I can read it, Heather's Group is a hit.

It appears to have started just two weeks ago, but the counter shows that it has 3,333 members. The next five most popular beauty groups have an average of just over 400 members each. That is pretty amazing!

Particularly when you consider the core message - you are beautiful on the inside - goes so against the trend. Many people lament that aggressive marketing has put excessive pressure on kids to dress and look a certain way, and to spend exorbitant amounts of money on certain clothing, cosmetics and toiletries.

Yet, this from the Beauty Vs Industry site:

"We are beautiful. We don't need an magazine to tell us that. All we need is friends, lovers, family, acquaintances and all of that nonsense. But mostly, we need to understand ourselves. However cocky it sounds, We love ourselves. We think we are beautiful.

So here is our request. Tell us what's right with you. Not what the industry gives the royal checkmark, what you like about you, or what you hate about you! Just make sure it is you."

Hans Hansen's approach is quite different. With the lean good looks of a fashion model, and a thoughtful take on balancing mental and physical fitness, Hans embodies what he teaches - the importance of finding one's inner beauty. Merging his past experience on the soccer field with his love of fashion and style, Hansen created a skincare line that is made specifically for the modern man.

In a world that does seem to celebrate the superficial, it is an encouraging sign when people prize the enduring inner qualities in themselves and other people. We should cheer up. Not all young people buy into what they see and hear in the media.

What would happen if you moved on from your Sedu beauty tips or Folica beauty products?