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Skin Renewal Starts Now

Skin renewal starts with a careful skin care regimen... so it helps if you have a littleskin renewal inside help! Because sometimes it seems that you cannot win. If you exercise outdoors you stand to get sunburnt, windburnt, or snow-blind. If you exercise indoors, you deprive yourself of Vitamin D, your skin itches and dries out, and you begin to look like a ghost who walks.

So waddya do? Think a little laterally and take some specialist skincare advice, that's what. Here's an indicator from ARA:

Every new year, women everywhere make resolutions such as "lose weight," "pay off credit cards," and "eat healthy." A lot of times these promises fall by the wayside. Why not make a resolution that is easier to keep? Something as easy as starting a new skin care regimen can make a difference in your whole outlook this year.

Every woman has a different skin type and today, with thousands of skin care options available, it is hard to know how to best take care of your skin renewal needs. At the Advanced Skin Health center, located in ULTA beauty stores, consultants use special tools to test the hydration and sebum (oil) levels of the skin to recommend a customized skin care regimen.

Common Skin Renewal Myths

"A common misconception among women is that oily skin equals hydrated skin," said Lynn Tisza of ULTA Inc. "This is not always the case. In most instances the skin produces oil because it is dehydrated and is fighting to lubricate in any way possible. Because of this confusion, women with oily skin often use products that dry out the skin when in actuality they should be applying products that help balance the skin."

Two complementary tests given at the Advanced Skin Health center take less than five minutes, are absolutely painless and help consultants learn customers' exact hydration and oil levels in order to suggest a personalized treatment plan.

Skincare Tests

The first tool used to test the skin is a hydrometer, a wand-like instrument with a sensor pad on the end that is placed on the skin for a few seconds. It then displays the level of hydration on each part of the face. It is important that skin is kept hydrated so that it can withstand environmental pollutants and daily stress. Dry skin is more likely to become infected and wrinkled.

The second tool, sebutape, is a small sticker that takes a "Polaroid" photo of the skin's oil levels. Within seconds, the tape develops, revealing the level of oil on the face. While the face needs some oil to assist in keeping the skin hydrated, too much oil can lead to unwanted breakouts.

By using these two tools, trained estheticians can recommend a line of skincare products best suited for each individual's skin renewal needs. Advanced Skin Health centers are in ULTA beauty stores. Vvisit to find the location nearest you.