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Is Skin Zinc Really a Solution?

Skin Zinc - also known as Skin Zink and Skinzinc - is promoted by mail order as a solution to itchy skin disorders such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and dandruff.

"This revolutionary skin treatment has been clinically proven to provide immediate relief in just minutes and effective results in just a week!" say the advertisements.

The treatment is available in spray and cream forms, is simple to apply and quick to work, and the ads claim that it is clinically proven and all ingredients have been FDA-approved.

"In just a matter of minutes, you will feel relief. In about a week or so, you will begin to see results. Within a month the condition should disappear!"

Psioriasis organisations, in particular, say the product is a scam.

The Psoriasis Hall of PShame says that:
"Since 1999, there have been various telemarketing campaigns of newspaper and radio ads for topical zinc pyrithione products such as SkinZinc, Acadia Skin Care, Skin-Plaque and others.

In 1990, the FDA specifically banned the promotion of zinc pyrithione products for psoriasis treatment.

Recent clinical trials of such products have found them generally ineffective for psoriasis.

There are a few public reports of people having success with a topical zinc pyrithione shampoo (such as Head & Shoulders) on the skin, but that's not a typical response.

Generic dandruff shampoos have about ten times the concentration of active ingredient compared to the overhyped "Zinc" sprays."

The Psoriasis Foundation says that
"According to the FDA, zinc pyrithione was approved for the treatment of eczema but is not specifically approved for the treatment of psoriasis.

This is because it was not found to be helpful in treating psoriasis.

Some people with psoriasis have found the Skin Zinc product to be helpful in softening scale and moisturizing dry skin.

This type of skin care may be enough to promote clearing of psoriasis symptoms in some people, however most will require stronger agents or medications to achieve these results."

One user says on the Foundation's Board that the product cleared her 2% coverage within two weeks - but that it came back within a month. For the 6 years since, she has had a 50% psoriasis coverage.

So, whether skin zinc, skin zink, skinzinc is your thing or not, perhaps these avenues offer alternative options.

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Whichever way you go, though, remember - it's your skin!