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Core Strength Training?

Strength training may be something you associate with body contouring or firm body sculpting, and consider that it has little relevance to your daily exercise needs. But think again.

You rely on your body to get out of bed, to do your job, to lift your children, and to take you places every day. While your limbs provide mobility and reach, it is the strength of your body core that governs every movement. Sedentary lives weaken body core muscles so they become prone to strain or injury, and even if you workout or play sports, you may not be working the muscles you rely on to perform.

That's where strength training comes in. A good strength exercise and strength training equipment can lift energy levels, reduce injury - and simply lighten your whole day! Throw in nutritious food, plenty of water, and you're away laughing.

Where Should Strength Training Start?

The key is your body core - the midsection of your body, from your groin to your shoulders. The core includes the pelvis, abs, back and chest muscles - the ones that control stability, balance and flexibility. Every movement you make originates there, whether you are reaching for a drink or running a marathon. That's why core strength conditioning is vital. Most exercise routines focus on building muscle, so by creating a stable, strong base for those muscles you can optimize the strength and flexibility of each limb.

Which Strength Exercises are Best?

There are many strength training exercise routines and equipment designed to work the body core muscles. Professional trainers design customized strength training routines to enhance an athlete's abilities by developing the most appropriate muscles. However, there are also many programs developed for individuals who wish to incorporate core conditioning into their fitness routines.


The exercises and products developed to build strength and conditioning do so by creating resistance or instability so that the core muscles must respond to maintain balance. The exercises are gentle on the body but are intense, and beginners quickly feel the muscles being used. Proper alignment is important for safety and maximum training benefit, so having a trainer to check your position will pay dividends.

Which Strength Training Equipment is Best?

Body core strength exercises often imitate moves from daily life or sports so that they train the body to rely on the core and reduce the strain we put on our limbs. Two popular forms of exercise that develop core body strength are Pilates and the Swiss ball. Pilates uses the body as its own form of resistance. Learning to breathe properly and perform slow, controlled movements allows you to strengthen muscles individually.

The Swiss ball (also known as a fitness ball) is an easy and fun way to strengthen the body core - we've included some of the many Swiss ball exercises here. This one piece of strength training equipment has revolutionized strength exercise - simply sitting on it will create the instability needed to work your core muscles hard. It's that easy!

Sound core body strength is important at every age and fitness level. I don't care what your goals are - find a way to include body core conditioning into your exercise routine to reduce fatigue, avoid muscle strain and improve your strength and mobility. Such strength training really does pay.