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Weight Training Surprise Benefits Over Cardio

These five thoughts about weight training might change your life:

Weight-based training:

  1. done correctly reduces dangerous belly fat faster than cardio.
  2. releases free fatty acids that can be used up by moderate cardio AFTER the session.
  3. produces a by-product that burns fat.
  4. increases all key metabolic hormones.
  5. gives you the BODY you want, not just the condition you want.
Now... who's for a cardio workout?

Fabrice Rinaldi is a personal trainer with a difference. He reckons that working out for only a few minutes twice a week for 3 months will transform your body, and your condition.

"Weight training done correctly can burn body fat and change your body faster than anything I've seen," he says.

It's the same sort of thinking - less is more - that made Jon Benson a household name in fast and effective workouts. So the philosophy is proven.

And one of the other spects of slimming, conditioning and body building is the notion of staleness. A variety of exercises, so long as they adhere to the same fundamental approach, can have exponential benefits.

So, give Fabrice a chance to prove his claims. He'll send you the first three parts of his training system for free. Just click on that link and put him to the test!


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