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What Food Makes You Fat?

If you're looking for 15 fat burning foods, low fat dinner recipes, low fat crock pot recipes, a menu for low fat diet, a list of low fat foods or a list of fat free foods... look no further.

The fact is, you may be asking the wrong question. What food makes you fat? According to Jon Benson, it's not the food... it's how you eat it.

Here's how he says you can you be fat-proof and disease-proof:

If I told you there was a sure-fire way to become practically disease-proof, extend your lifespan by up to 20 healthy years, and at the same time get rid of as much bodyfat as you want, would you believe me?

Do you think this secret would come in a pill or a bottle?

How about some ridiculous "all-lettuce" dietplan or something?

Well, I'm going to tell you the same secret I've been preaching for years. What food makes you fat? It just keeps getting reaffirmed in study after study.

It's not sure-fire though. I mean, you may get hit by a bus or a cow may fall out of the sky and...

well, you get the point.

And there are always rare exceptions. You know... the "Uncle Charlies" of the world who can smoke 100 cigs a day and never get cancer? Well, the same can happen in reverse: You could eat a perfect dietplan and get some freaky disease.

BUT... if you want to be "practically" disease-proof AND most certainly fat-proof (i.e. far more resistant to putting on bodyfat), then here is what you do:

Eat less food.

Wait. Don't stop reading. It's not what you think... sorta.

I hear a big "no DUH Benson!" out there right now. "Sure, eat less food and get rid of bodyfat...big news!"

Hold on there. I'm talking about much more.

What food makes you fat

I'm talking about altering your metabolism permanently through the use of "The Selective Overfeed And Restriction Principle", or SOAR.

SOAR is the basis of my System, The Every Other Day Diet.

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Researchers have known for decades that undereating, sometimes by as much as 40% of your maintenance-level caloric needs, lengthens lifespan and reduces disease factors radically. The question has been...


Protection of internal organs is one of the primary reasons, along with a substantial decrease in insulin resistance. I am betting on common sense here: Use a car less frequently and it lasts longer. Color me silly, but I think the same is true of your internal organs. The less they have to process, the longer they last. What food makes you fat?

Hey, I'm a simple guy at heart. ; )

Again... What food makes you fat?

Now, the problem is obvious: No one wants to starve themselves just to live longer.

But what if there was a way to decrease your overall caloric intake by roughly 20% and reap the same benefits?

And, unlike other studies that show a "decrease" in basal metabolic rate, what if you could actually "increase" your metabolic rate at the same time?

Enter SOAR.

First, some history.

While trying to establish what food makes you fat, a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that restricting calories by 30 percent significantly increased life span in monkeys. The experimental diet, while still providing adequate nourishment, slowed monkeys' metabolism and reduced their body temperatures, changes similar to those in the long-lived thin mice.

Studies over the years, on many different species of animals, have confirmed that those animals that we fed less lived longest. In fact, allowing an animal to eat as much food as it desires can reduce its life span by as much as half.

Do I have your attention?


So, we have many species of animals tested (most recently humans as well) showing longer life spans and less disease -- but slower metabolic rates. However, when calories were "staggered" -- lowered over time, then spiked higher, then lowered again -- the same reduction in overall caloric intake was witnessed...but with a slight increase in basal metabolism.

Now we have fatburning enhanced, and a plan that you can live with.

This is exactly the structure of my Every Other Day Diet-System, or "EODD"... to the "T". But the cool part is that I include your favorite foods on the menu.

And, I take it a step further --

Ever heard of "interval cardio"? This is where you walk for a pace, then jog, then walk again. That's an example.

The same principle of "sprint/walk/sprint" works with your dietplan too.

In "Radical FatLoss Blueprint", included with Every Other Day Diet this week, I take you on a 21-day journey to shed up to 21 pounds of unwanted fat in 21 days. This is most certainly a sprint!

Then we tailor it back to faster fatloss, but not quite that fast... a nice "brisk walk" for a longer period.

Then we "sprint" again.

Here's what we have found over the past year and a half of studying this approach:

    1. People get rid of over twice the amount of bodyfat as normal "dieting";
    2. People can still enjoy their favorite foods every week;
    3. Folks find the "harder days" easier to manage because they know an "easy day" is just around the corner;

And when I do the math the average person ends up eating about 20-25% under maintenance... yet still puts on lean muscle. How? Simple: They use their stored bodyfat for fuel to rebuild muscle tissue.

What food makes you fat? I will go to my grave knowing this is the healthiest and the "most sane" dietplan on the planet.

Check it out for yourself --

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