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Whey Protein - How to Build Muscle & Lose Fat

Whey protein - the secret behind how to build muscle lose fat and feel great!

If you are at all interested in taking care of your body before and after strenuous exercise yet dead set against supplements that contain additives and possible side effects, listen up.

Bodybuilders and athletes have found both their general health and their physical fitness are improved by the simple act of turning on to a basic, natural supplement called whey protein. And if it can help their exercise and their lives, whey protein may also hold big benefits for you.


Exercise uses up protein. Muscles require amino acids to prevent deterioration, give endurance and build mass. Proteins supply these amino acids to the muscles. They are the basic building blocks required for a fit and healthy performance. Whey protein is simply a natural source.


Commercial whey protein comes from cows' milk. In fact, it's the by-product of making cheese made famous in the old nursery rhyme about little Miss Muffet. And as in the nursery rhyme, the whey was usually thrown away as a waste product.

Now researchers know that whey protein is high quality, natural protein that is rich with the amino acids our bodies require for fundamental health and muscle building. It is one of the main ingredients in mother's milk and baby formula, and is being considered for use as a grain product fortifier because of its health benefits and bland flavor.

You've probably grown up on the notion that protein is what you get from other foods such as meat, soy and vegetables, and that's true.

The breakthrough came when scientists discovered that whey protein has a much higher rate of absorption into the body. That means you get more benefit from each mouthful when you get your protein from whey.


Whey protein is a health-nut's dream. It not only improves immune system support, bone health, sports health, and weight management, but it combines those effects to add a glow to overall well being.

And people carrying injuries, wounds or burns love it because of the way the amino acids - the 'building blocks' for the human body - speed up the healing process.

Similarly, people following diets - whether diabetic, weight management of similar regimes - and even ill patients not able to include enough protein in their diet to assist with healing, are also finding benefits in the high quality protein that comes from whey.


Whey protein is a food and so it does not have have the risks associated with other supplements.

That said, too much of anything carries risks. Abnormally high use of whey protein powder can overload the liver, thereby introducing serious problems. Moderation is always a good idea.

If you are lactose intolerant you might try whey protein isolate, which has less than 1% lactose and should be tolerable for most users.